Bumpity bump bump bump…

So, we’re in month two of bumper cards. We lost a couple of people from January – just too busy, I suppose but we GAINED a bunch more! I really am liking it… of course, I’m not part of the list that you guys are playing. But it does make me get my stuff out and stamp. I love that. It’s such a good feeling to use all this stuff …. isn’t it? Well, if you’re doing bumper cards this month, I’d love for you to leave a comment here. You don’t have to have an account or sign up or anything, just click on the comment button right below this post and leave a comment. Tell me about your bumper card… are you having fun? Did you get one yet? It is still early in this very short month! I have been getting some handmade cards in the mail lately… some thank yous and my upline, Jenn, sends me one every now and then. They all make me smile. It’s so fun… you should join us in March.

I’ve challenged myself to send one card to each bumper card person. This is why I’m not on the list. So, for this month, I completely CASEd a card from Cindy Lyles (aka starlitstudio). She sent me a close to cocoa card last week and I loved it. I changed the words a bit and the colors and the size but it’s still her creation. Thanks Cindy! I wanted to send a 4×4 square card. Square cards cost more money to send in the mail. I learned that with my 100 5×5 square cards I sent at Christmas. But I like square cards. So, JulieHRR’s blog shows a cool trick on using a standard A-2 envelope (the normal handmade card size) for square cards. You can check her blog out on the list on the right. She’s way talented and AWESOME. Anyway, that’s what I did for my envelopes for these square cards. Okay, here’s the card I made. I used Like it a Latte from the Winter Mini. Hope you like it a “latte” :).


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