Colin Cowie

Do you know who he is? He’s Oprah’s party planner extraordinaire. Anyway, the other day I happened to catch a few minutes of Oprah. My husband thinks that I watch it everyday with my feet up, eating bon bons (who does that?) but that’s so not true. So, I did see a few minutes the other day when Colin Cowie was on. They showed his luxurious NYC apartment. Fabulous. One thing that I found very cool was that he had wrapped gifts on his bookshelf, ready to go for gift giving. Now, I realize that many people (my MIL is really good at this) have gifts stashed away for those moments in life that you just need one. But he had them wrapped and ready to go on his bookshelf… like artwork or something. He said he buys pretty, scented candles, and or bottles of wine or things like that and wraps them all at the same time. Then when he goes to a dinner party (again, who does that?), he never goes empty handed. He probably doesn’t frequent Chick-fil-a, like I do. So, where am I going with this? Well, I recently purchased these sturdy (I’m actually impressed) little, plastic boxes that hold 8 cards and 8 envelopes. I bought them from a lady on SCS (where else? :)). This morning, I went through some of my stash of cards and made up 5 boxes of these, tied a ribbon, added a tag… and voila… 5 presents ready for the giving. My son’s preschool teacher from last year is having a b’day this week (and we really like her), so we’ll give one to her. So, it may not be fancy, schmancy wine or candles, but it works for me and I’m so impressed that I actually have something ready to go when I need it (all my life, my mother has told me to do something like this… well, here we are). I’ll have to call her and tell her that I’ve finally done it.


2 thoughts on “Colin Cowie

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  2. Very cute idea! I want some of those boxes. I’m one of those that buys “extra” gifts but don’t wrap them, guess I’ll start doing that!

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