Planes, trains, and automobiles

Did you ever see that movie? Of course, that probably dates me. Hmm… Anyway, I was talking to my friend, Michelle, today and she was telling me that she’s out of these 3×3 cards that she and I made one night a long time ago. We made a bunch – boy birthday, girl birthday, baby shower enclosures, you name it. Those are great for putting in the gift bag for all those 4 year-olds turning 5 years-old birthday parties. Anyway, she said she’s out of the boy ones. Go figure. We both have boys and we’re at the age (well, our boys are), where they get invited to more boy parties than girl parties. So, back to the planes, trains, thing… I decided I’d make her some cards tonight – quick ones and I still have a bunch of those red 3×3 cards and envelopes that SU! sold last year. I made 36 – 18 for her and 18 for me. All boy designs. Nothing spectacular but then again, they’re headed straight for the trash after being opened. Michelle and I used to get together (it helps that she lives in the same neighborhood) once or twice a month and crank out tons of cards in an evening. One time, we made 100 cards (regular size cards) – 5 designs between 8pm and midnight. We were stampin’ machines! Anyway, those were the days before second children and before I became a demo. So, Michelle has an infant now and I thought it would be nice to give her some of these cards. Some day soon, she and I will stamp together again. So, right, planes, trains (okay, no trains), automobiles, a few spaceships, a couple of helicopters, and a tractor here or there. That’s what I stamped 36 of.


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