Workshop cards

My new friend, Vicki, won the silent auction basket that I donated to TempleInland’s Ronald McDonald Fundraiser back in January. We had a workshop last night – that was part of her basket winnings. Anyway, she requested that we do birthday cards. So, we did 3 ladies birthday cards.

The first was my old standby. I used blossoms abound (one of my all time fav sets, I suppose). But this time, I used bright colors… lovely lilac, gable green, green galore, and almost amethyst (okay, so that isn’t a bold bright but still). I used so saffron for the canvas background stamp.

Next, was the girly, glitter card that I’ve done before from the Totally Cool set. BUT I did learn something this time… don’t use stazon for your black image when using glitter. Unless you dry it first with the heat gun or wait a while. So, after 5 attempts (and many thunks to my head… “I’ve done this card BEFORE…why is it not working and why is there glitter all over it!), I switched to basic black (which is what I used the many times before that I’ve done this card!). I also used the heat & stick powder and Dazzling Diamonds glitter.

This was my favorite. I just love the color combination (got that off SCS – one of the color combo challenges a while back). It’s Elegant Eggplant, Cool Carribean, Certainly Celery, and Shimmery White. I used Doodle That. That smaller flower is growing on me (no pun intended! HA!). We watercolored them with the aquapainter and the reinkers.



Simple Cuttlebug creations

I had a class last night (thanks Vicki!) where I met a funny, really nice lady named Monica. We share in the stamping passion. She recently acquired a Cuttlebug (see if you have no idea what I’m talking about). I was sharing some of my Cuttlebug creations with her. She asked if I would take pictures of them and send them to her. I said sure! But then I thought the rest of you addicts might want to see them. ;). I made a bunch of these back in January to have on hand for the “Help, I need a card quick” scenario. I even put a bunch together and gave them as a gift (Colin Cowie … see previous posts about him)! I used the tagger’s dozen set from the Winter Mini and the SU! tag punches. I love that we now have that inner punch so it’s so easy to make tags now! SUPER COOL! Anyway, it was so nice to meet you, Monica.

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My neighbor turns 40 tomorrow!

Our next door neighbors are GREAT. We’ve lived next to each other since our houses were built 10 years ago! They have 2 boys and 1 girl. Their girl is the same age as my oldest son and they are good friends. In fact, they’ll be entering Kindergarten together in the fall (boo hoo, says mom…). Anyway, the dad has a big birthday tomorrow. He, like my husband, loves to play guitar. So, I had use my new Amuse rockstar stamp. I got that actually for my husband and son but thought it would make a nice birthday card. I cut out post-it notes to create the spotlight. Then I sponged on SU! Summer Sun and Apricot Appeal. The “You Rock” is from Amuse and the “Happy Birthday” is from PaperTrey, Inc. I hope he likes it.


April Bumper Card

Have you sent your April Bumper card yet? It’s not too late… get it out there! Remember, you can brighten someone’s day.

Mine turned out COMPLETELY different than originally planned. I wasn’t even going to use this set or these colors. Hmm, where did I get off track? I like what I ended up with but it was far from what I thought of first. So many ideas, so little time… 🙂

I used gable green, pixie pink, and apricot appeal. Completely got the color combo from the color wheel. I love that tool. Use it daily. Seriously. I’m so color challenged that I need all the help I can get. The set is called Simply Said and I used the matching wheel, Kindness. The saying is from Living Large. I colored the flowers in with glaze pens (no, not SU! for all of you that will ask me in the next day or two). It’s a very simple card but that’s exactly what I needed to do since I made 24 of them!

Hope you like it… it’s very Spring-y!


Alas…. the big reveal.

Wow. Talk about a LONG project.

July 1, 2005 – submitted paperwork to Stampin’ Up to be a demonstrator
Late on July 1, 2005 – took pregnancy test…. positive YIPPEE! 🙂

*fast forward

November 2005 – talk to a cabinet maker and designed the cabinets and desk area in game room

January 2006 – we decided to enclose our game room to be my stamp room; hired great builder guy to enclose the room.

January 2006 – MOVE all the C Rap (that’s how we say it in our house; pronounced see-rap) to the baby’s room; all of the stuff took up the whole room, I even put stuff in the crib. Did I mention that I was 527 months pregnant at this point?

Late February 2006 – cabinets and desk get installed

Late February 2006 – move the bleepity bleep stuff back gameroom, which will now be officially named the stamp room

Early March 2006 – baby boy# 2 joins us

Did you notice that no one unpacked the boxes?
There were boxes and bags all around the room, on every floor space, next to every wall, on top of every flat surface. Sad. Really.

*fast forward

Late February 2007 – yes 2007! – Realize that NOTHING has moved, unpacked, etc in A YEAR!!! Very sad.

Early March 2007 – Target runs every night for 3 nights to get the cube systems… built them every night after the boys were in bed.

*delay for birthdays, spring break, classes, LIFE

*fast forward

Last Tuesday Night – decided to tackle this a bit more
Last Wednesday Night… you get the idea

Last Night!!!! – done. EXCEPT for the decorating of the walls… pictures and such. That will just take some time.

So, here it is. I absolutely love it.

This wall on the left is what is behind the door as you walk in. The large white cabinet in the corner is my embroidery sewing machine. I can pull it out and open it up when I need to sew (still burned out from my embroidery business a few years ago… that’s yet another story).

This (below) is the left wall as your standing in the doorway. My wall color is purple – kind of amethyst/lavendar/lilac-y. I couldn’t find all purple stuff everywhere I went, so I decided to add pink to the mix. Very girly for my almost all-boy house!

I used to be such a scrapbooker before I became a cardmaker/stamper. And now, I’m really behind on it. The thing about scrapbooking, I feel, is that it just needs to be ready to work on. The hardest part is dragging it all out. I can never muster up the energy to get started. So, we had this extra table (that keeps bouncing from room to room in our house) and it’s a nice table (Container Store – part of the Scandia furniture – we’ve had it forever!), so it’s in there. AND nothing should be on it but an open scrapbook waiting for a page to be done. Any of you moms out there know that you can do anything in 10 minute increments… so why not a page. 🙂 (oh and those frames on that stool are a current project that I’m working on… they weren’t supposed to be in the picture.). The bay windows overlook our greenbelt. How pleasant!

And finally, the right wall is where the built-in cabinets are and my STAMP workspace.

And to those of you that have seen it in person before TODAY – I am truly embarrassed that you saw my SEE RAP laying all over the place. Come back. Now I’m proud. 🙂

I actually feel very creative in there. Well, maybe not creative. Maybe inspired. If only, I can keep the toys from creeping in now!


I’m such a lemming.

I am. I just need to admit it and then go on my merry way. That upline of mine keeps posting stuff on her blog. Then I have to drive ALL over town to find the exact same thing she has and then make it myself. Check her out… Jenn Balcer. She’s uber cool in my book.

I’m still working on that stamp room. It’s very, very close to being done. But there’s this one section of stuff. Not sure what to do with it, so it might just stay that way for a while. It’s memorabilia that I’ve saved to scrapbook someday. Well, it’s all weird sizes. It includes maps and 3-d things and kid’s artwork, ticket stubs, etc. Doesn’t fit nicely into a small box kinda stuff. So, right now it’s on TOP of my embroidery sewing machine cabinet. Doesn’t look very good.

Oh, and I have to decorate the walls still. With pictures. Pictures that haven’t been taken yet or that haven’t been printed yet. And no frames purchased for that project yet either. I do know what kind of frame thing I want up there. That’s a start, right?

I took some pictures of the 3 sides of the room (not the door/sewing machine side) but they are blurry. Good thing too… ’cause I just got back from Garden Ridge (and Office Depot) and bought some baskets for my room. Colorful ones. YES! So, I’ll take more pictures tomorrow in the sunlight. Not blurry ones.

Back to Jenn (I get so off topic on this blog, don’t I). Hmmm… gotta work on that. A while back (during the beginning of allergy season – this is TEXAS -when is the beginning? Isn’t it ALL year?) she covered a tissue box for her stamp room. Here it is. So, lemming that I am… did the same thing.

It’s covered in Basic Grey Lily Kate and Mia paper, with some mod podge, some ribbon, and a great BIG ‘ole Prima flower. I like the way it turned out. No stamping on it but it does match my room!


Is it cheating?

It is cheating if you buy some cards that were already made and then use them as your jumping off point to stamp? I dunno. But I do know that in the middle of cleaning my stamp room (remember that I’m STILL organizing my room – you know it doesn’t go very fast in 10 minute increments!)… speaking of 10 min. increments….

ASIDE – My baby took his first steps today! OMG! OMG!

Okay, sorry, back to cheating. Right. I found 3 packages of cards/notecards from Target that I remember buying. And I know it was before I became a demonstrator … so, maybe 2.5 or 3 YEARS ago. Hello. And they call people that drink too much, alcoholics. I am a packrataholic. 😦

Well, I immediately ditched my 10 min. organization efforts and started stamping these babies. I’ve done 2 of the 3 sets and I’m pretty happy with the results. The 3rd will be some other day.

The left picture is the before of the first set. It is 10 blank cards with colored envelopes. The paper is textured. But that didn’t stop me. The right picture is the after. I made BIRTHDAY cards for my stash. I’m very low… remember? Anyway, I finally inked up my bellas. The background is the polka dot background from Cornish Farms. The links are on the right side.

The next set is a set of 12 postcard style notecards (i.e. they don’t open). And guess what… they’re purple. Go figure. I was stumped on these. I knew I wanted to put “just a note” on there (white embossed) but that wasn’t enough. They I looked for some small flower thing… and the SU! hostess set, Reason to Smile has this flower border stamp. Perfect! I embossed both so that they would pop. The white craft alone looked dull.

Viola! Using up my stuff… yay, yay, yay!

Stamp room pictures coming soon…. very soon… maybe a couple of days….