A Muse.

Every so often, my style changes. Not drastically because that would not be the way of the engineer. We’re born this way, my friend. Sorry. I’m sure you all know one engineer type out there and we’re all very similar. I don’t go very far off course in my styles but as you know, I’ve recently found Amuse stamps. Boy, do I like them. I think I like them for their simplicity but that’s not all. Some days I’m a bit slow, I have to admit. And I realized that I like Amuse for their silliness. After all, they are AMUSE-ing. 🙂 LOL. So, I go check out amuse daily, yes daily. It doesn’t change daily, mind you but I get a sense of calm by looking at their site. Dunno why. I also read blogabella’s blog daily just to see what she’s up to. I feel like we’re friends just from that. I read a slew of people’s everyday but Amuse just makes me smile.

So, the other day, I was looking at their stamps again. And realized that I HAD to have the nurse (Florence) and the doctor (Marcus) – (Can you believe that I have some friends that have never heard of Marcus Welby, M.D. – come on people… I’m too young to have watched that but I do know the name!). My friend, Michelle, is an RN. And guess what she’s married to a Dr. And here we are. I HAD to have the stamps… uh, to make them a card. HAD to. They *needed* this card. Actually, they didn’t… I just have an addiction. Okay, so I was ordering some other stuff and those fell into my cart (my online virtual cart, that is!).

Their anniversary was a while back and I don’t remember if I sent them a card (I think I didn’t but yeah, memory isn’t what it used to be). I made them this one. And the “Mr & Mrs” is from SU!’s Winter Mini from the set called Tagger’s Dozen. I thought about crossing out the “M” in Mr to “D” for Dr but I didn’t want to mess up the card! 🙂

Well, isn’t is AMUSE-ing? I think so. I still get a chuckle… and I made this Friday night.



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