It’s a girl…

A girl in my son’s preschool class got a brand new baby sister last Thursday. Both girls already have a big brother! So, the mom is a room mom with me for our class and I wanted to give her something little. She didn’t find out the sex of the baby this time around so I had to wait and make this in a hurry! It’s the first time I got my new bellas out. Have you checked out the bella rage? Emily at is awesome and the bellas and their fellas are cute! Well, my friend, Rachelle now has 3 kids and she always was the size of a bella so this card seemed to fit her. I was so tickled when I made it… I kept giggling that the minivanabella has 3 kids … she has 3 kids… the pregabella has long hair and it kept getting shorter and shorter. HA! So, true…

I also whipped up my standard quick (but needed) personal baby thank yous. Every new baby needs thank you cards! I run the cards through the printer and use MS Word to create the name (print it in the SU! colors to match the baby feet). The baby feet stamp is from my all-time favorite baby set, the retired Cuddles and Tickles (I only like the baby feet from that set though!).

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