Kid Gifts – remind me not to do this again!

Emily Giovanni had posted a Target $1 spot find about a month ago (Thanks Emilly for the before picture and for the heads up). So, of course I ran over to Target immediately and picked up all the black ones they had. Nineteen. The lady helping me went to the back and got all that she could find. I told her I only needed 16 (16 kids) but she said she found 19 and maybe I wanted them just in case I broke a couple. HA! I didn’t break any but I DID need all 19! 16 kids, 2 teachers, AND our music teacher!

I’ve did this exact thing for my son’s preschool class when he was 2… then there were only 8 kids. And the frames were from Michael’s and I had to spray paint them black. These Target frames were already black. Here’s the before picture on the right.

I yanked off the bow (now I have 19 already tied polka dot bows to use on something else!) I decorated them with white craft ink AND embossed them with White Embossing Powder. Here’s the part for you to remind me not to this again…. WOOD takes a lot longer to emboss. Duh.

Thank goodness I started early on these. Really, I did. I did a few each night for many nights. Seriously. For the kids, I used the retired Crayon Alphabets and Crayon Fun sets. Very nice for preschoolers. I put each child’s name on theirs to make it personal. For the teachers, I used the Doodle This set and the Crayon numbers for the years.

I put the class picture in there. Not the formal picture (although that would have been easier!). Getting the picture was interesting. Such a challenge. First, they all had to be there. Second, my son had to not have a meltdown about it. Yes, that happened. Six pictures later AND a LONG discussion AND a different day, he shaped up. 🙂

Here’s the lot of them:

The one for the teachers:

The one for the girls:

And finally, the one for the boys:



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