YIPPEE! An A Muse game!

Check out this really crazy game from A Muse. Do you think you know how many stamps are in this suitcase? Whomever can guess the right amount wins a $100 gift certificate from A Muse! WOHOO! Isn’t that fantabulous? I keep trying to use some of my engineering know-hows to figure it out… “yeah, how’s that working for you? uh, not so well”

It’s SO worth a shot though. I’ll have to stew about it a bit more. Come on take a guess. Go on over to Amuseapalooza, register and let them know that I sent you. 🙂

And can you imagine putting them all back? Jennifer said it took her over FIVE hours to put them all back. Yikes!



One thought on “YIPPEE! An A Muse game!

  1. I went to the a muse challenge and reminded that usually when people say my last name that’s the way they say it Marrieta not Murrieta where they get the “a” instead of “moo” sound i’m not sure but i thought i would share that with you.

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