My First Blog Candy

So, many things to say….

Last night before I went to bed, I was 2 away from 5000 hits. And some how this morning, only FIVE hours later (yes, I know…. only 5 hours… uh, the boys are HOME! YAY!), I’m at 5200.

Did I mention that my luggage didn’t come home with us Sunday night? UH, HELLO… my stamping stuff was in there!!! Okay, okay, calm down. BUT ALL of my A MUSE stamps except 2 that I loaned to my friend Amy, were in there. Did I say ALL…. yes, ALL. Okay, breathe in, then out… so at 11pm last night, our luggage showed up. All 3 pieces. The connection in Miami to Dallas was really tight and we had to RUN through customs with our bags. “They” stopped me and said, “Ma’am, you need to slow down”. I said we’re not going to make our connection… (and I have to get home to my boys… okay I didn’t say that but I was thinking it). So they looked it up and said, “Do you think you can run all the way to your gate?” They took our bags, led us through the employee security section and off we went. We made it… our 3 bags didn’t. Anyway, my A Muse stamps and the rest of my stuff are safe in their home now.

But these 2 things together made me think that’s it’s high time I did some blog candy. So, I’m going to do my own rendition of the A Muse luggage contest, guess how many stamps are in there – only because they are all still packed. Leave a comment here with your guess before midnight Central Wednesday night. The winner will be picked at random from the comments (i.e. not the one that guesses the number – although if you guess the EXACT number, I’ll send you something too).

The prize:

Lots to alter and some other stuff:
2 large Gable boxes
3 small Gable boxes
Target $ spot green stripe container (great for cuttlebug dies)
6 medium weight coasters
5 chipboard flowers
Some prima flowers
Some black and white polka dot ribbon
Michael’s Pregnant lady stamp
SU! Small incentive stamp
Tags in various colors of SU! cardstock including vellum
10 white bags – good for kid’s school treats (they are the thin kind)
2 mini manila folder embellishments
6×6 12 month Desktop calendar to alter

Let the guessing begin.

Thanks so much for following my creative journey…



18 thoughts on “My First Blog Candy

  1. Oh my Gosh!!!! I would have been so upset about my stamps too. I’m glad all is well. Hmmm…my guess would be 54. Take care!

  2. OMG- look at all these comments- and you were going to hang up your towel!!!I will guess 40! Glad you and your stamps are back- I missed you!

  3. Hi Geeta, I’m glad you’re home because I’m hoping you can help me with something else (see email). My guess is 30.

  4. Love the game and the blog candy. Thanks for sharing. I am going to guess 54. I know there are other numbers chosen on either side of my guess, but this number popped in my head and it had not been chosen. So that is my guess.

  5. Wow!!! I’m so glad you and your stamps made it back safely. My guess is 44. I hope you took lots of vacation photos! 🙂

  6. I can’t believe you almost got stuck! I know how that feels first hand!! Hopefully y’all had a wonderful vacation. My guess is 46….

  7. i’m going to guess 29…probably so much more than that, as i’m horrible at things like this! thanks!emily anderson

  8. Looks like some awesome stuff to play with for sure!! I’m going to guess about 38 stamps in the bag. THANKS!!!

  9. OMG!!! stamps left behind. I’m glad they are safely home and you’re breathing at a normal rate. My guess for your contest would have to be 50

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