My friend, Jenn Balcer!

Okay, ladies, I’ve been wanting to do this for a LONG time but never got around to it.

Many of you know that Jenn is my upline. Well, although we don’t even leave in the same town, she’s ALWAYS around. I feel like she lives next door! I just adore her. She’s so wonderful, creative, funny, helpful, inspiring, etc. And well, just plain nice. So, I’ve been a SU! demo under her for 2 years now come July 1st. So, I wanted to say thank you to her by playing this game. BUT I need your help….

Here’s the game…

Leave a comment on this post using only ONE word to describe Jenn. That’s it.

You don’t have to *know* her to play. If you subscribe to the Splitcoast newsletters, then you know her. She puts that together. If you have ever looked at the gallery on Splitcoast, she has organized it. If you have ever had issues/problems with something on Splitcoast (can’t find something, etc.), I’m sure she’s replied to your post, etc. She’s everywhere.

As many of you know, I call her my own personal stalker (in a good way – hmm, is there such a thing? LOL!). Anyway, let’s see how long it takes her to find this. So, Jenn, thank you for all that you do!

Comment by Monday, June 18th and I’ll randomly pick a winner using the thing. I’ll send the winner something (not sure what yet, but something!)



35 thoughts on “My friend, Jenn Balcer!

  1. hmmm….how about patient? I’m sure all the other faboo words have already been used, and she is definitely patient when helping everyone on SCS.

  2. Jenn always reminds me of SUNSHINE. The colors she uses, the creative light she shines on all of us and the warmth of her friendship.

  3. Hmm…how about ontheball? OK, that’s three words, but I couldn’t think of a one-word way to say that! 🙂

  4. One word? Well, I only know Jenn through SCS and my word would be “helpful.” Jenn is one of the most supportive and helpful ladies I know. She answers your questions, helps you with problems and is kind and sweet. I love her!Gina K.

  5. Jenn is the best and everyone has captured her with great words. So I second everyone’s opinions and I’m going to add BABEALICIOUS!

  6. Well this word works for me!Entry Word: exuberantFunction: adjectiveText: joyously unrestrainedYeah…that is Jenn for SURE!!!! HUGE HUGS JENN!

  7. Most of my words have been used and she is all of the above!….My word that fits what she is to me by putting up with me and all my questions would be….TOLERANT….LOL….Even if she refused my SCS Name choice….LOL

  8. hmmmm, i don’t know her personally and so many people already said what i wanted to…so how about…likable!!! she seems like you just can’t help but be her friend.

  9. Jenn is always there for everyone and gives of herself so unselfishly, which should be my word for her but I’m picking my word to describe Jenn as ” MyHero ” and I don’t care what the rest of you say, it is so just one word !

  10. I think the one word that best describes her is SUPERMOM! She does so many things on SCS and still takes care of her family and her kids at school! she is truly wonderful!Ann

  11. word? I would say AMAZING! She has such creativity and she is always right on top of things..people just love her! She’s juat a fabulous person!

  12. Ok I will be first. In one word I would descibe her as PATIENT. I don’t know how she does all on SCS. Thanks for the chance.

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