My 5 year old made these!!!!

Happy Father’s Day!

Ours was not as good as I had planned, mainly because I was up from midnight to 4am this morning every 45 mins to 1 hour, with our baby (okay, so he’s one and a toddler, as my 5 yr old always says to correct me). Then both boys were up for real at 6 am. As usual. So, I was worse than hung over. At least “getting” the hang over would have been more fun. Anyway, he’s fine but he had gas and SCREAMED (he’s so not a screamer but he proved that he does, in fact, know how to do it.). Didn’t you hear him? Anyway, it was an unusual day and we ALL had to take a nap this afternoon. So, we are going to redo Father’s Day another day this week.

BUT, it yesterday was a VERY proud day for this mother of a “not-so-interested-in-arts-and-crafts” boy. First, he WANTED to make his daddy a card. Second, I had enough patience to do that with him. And he did AWESOME at it. I seemed to have missed the part where his artwork went from squiggy line to color mostly btw the lines. I’m so proud. All I did on his card was cut the paper and punch the holes. He seriously did everything else. Now, remember, he’s not into arts and crafts and he *just* turned 5 last week. He picked out the colors too. And the cape has red stickles on it. I’m just so proud. Stamps from A Muse.

Since he was on a roll, he wanted to make my father-in-law (he calls him Grandfather) a card, too. On this one, again I helped with the cutting, the snaps and the writing on the banner. My FIL is a retired Air Force Fighter Pilot, thus the airplane! And there is green stickles all around it. He was tracing the outline of the plane. Stamps by A Muse and SU!

Finally, I had an “silly/joke” card, I wanted to make my husband. Stamps by A Muse. It basically says, take the day off! He chuckled. That’s red stickles around the lawn mower for the “don’t” symbol.



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