Jenn Balcer game – WINNER

Thank you all for playing my little game to honor my dear friend and upline, Jenn. Jenn found us and posted her one word reply:

Jenn said…

Touched. picked Katydidnt. Congrats Katy! Her one word was “Sunshine”. Katy email me please!

I compiled the list and there were very few duplicates. It’s a GREAT list:

Amazing, Amazing, Appreciated, Artistic, Awesome, Babealicious, Bold, Bomb, Brilliant, Bubbly, Bubbly, Busy, Busy, Caring, Committed, Committed, Creative, Creative, Crisp, daBomb, Extraordinary, Exuberant, Fabulous, Famous, Fantabulous, Fantabulous, Fantabulous, Fantastic, Fun, Generous, Generous, Generous, Genuine, Giving, Hardworking, Helpful, Helpful, Helpful, Hilarious, Humorous, Hysterical, Incredible, Incredible, Insane, Inspiring, Inspiring, Inspiring, Involved, Kind-hearted, Likable, Loved, Mesmerizing, Miraculous, Multi-talented, MyHero, Ontheball, Organized, Original, Patient, Patient, Perfinkalicious, Perky, Phenomenal, Queen, Responsible, Rockin’, Rocking, Rocks, Sassy, Scintillating, Splendiferous, Style, Sunshine, Supah!, Super, Superb, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Supermom, Superwoman, Superwoman, Superwoman, Supportive, Supportive, Sweet, Sweet, Talented, Talented, Talented, Thoughtful, Thoughtful, Tolerant, Unbelievable, Unique, Versatile, Vivacious, Wonderful, Wowsers

So, Jenn, thank you for all that you do. You are truly all of these things. Much love.



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