Started the A Muse Addicts Group

After the AMAP contest, I signed up for yet another A Muse swap over on Splitcoast. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I mean 224 A Muse cards in TEN weeks and then I sign up for more… Did I mention that I’m an SU! demo?? AND still having SU! classes every week? Anyway, I met some fellow die hard A Muse fans in this swap. We got to chatting and we have started the A Muse Addicts Group over on Yahoo. We’re thinking to start some monthly swaps, RAKs, and general sharing of A Muse creations. So, if you are an A Muse Addict, please join us… CLICK on that button —> on the right side that says Yahoo Groups. Join Now! See you on the inside :).



How to leave comments on blogs…

This post is mainly for my customers. Many of you have asked me how you can leave me comments (especially without creating an account) … here’s how.

  1. Click on the bottom of any post you want to comment, where it says “X Comments” (X is the number of comments).
  2. You will see this screen:
  3. If you have an account, that will be shown. If you don’t have one, you will see “Other” and “Anonymous”. Pick OTHER (not anonymous unless you don’t want me to know who you are.
  4. In the Other field, there is a place to put your name. It is optional but you can just put your first name, if you want.

Easy peasy, right? So, now you are ready to leave ALL sorts of comments! Go forth and comment away. Blog writers DO very much appreciate it.

Thanks so very much!


Technique Club on Friday

Last Friday, I had my 2nd group of stampers start their technique club. This group is particularly dear to me because a bunch of them are my original stampers that I stamped with way before I became a demonstrator. How fun is that? They were in a club a year or so ago and took a little break from the whole club thing. And now they’re back! YAY!

We did 3 techniques as all of my technique clubs do: 3 cards and 3 technique cards (with the directions) for their technique scrapbooks!

One of the cards was the same card as I did for the previous club. It’s this one… demonstrating the ability to do emboss with the Classic Ink Pads (rather than craft). I always try to do a different card for each group of stampers for the sole reason that I don’t want to show something I’ve done already – it keeps me busy and learning… but this card is so pretty (IMHO). I had to do it again.

Next, the technique was again Faux Tearing, like the last club but I redid the card to be more elegant (my new stamps came in!). This one uses the new En Francais Background… similar to the old French Script BG but not hardly the same. Oh, I finally broke out the heartfelt thanks set. I think I’ve used this once in two years… not a fav but works here.

Stamps: all SU!
CS: all SU!: Regal Rose, Rose Red, Very Vanilla
Inks: Rose Red, Markers: Rose Red, Regal Rose, Certainly Celery, Garden Green
Accessories: Regal Rose Grosgrain ribbon

I learned the third technique from Ms. Jeanne Streiff. It’s called Faux Tiles. Isn’t her card amazing? I loved it. I was going to CASE it completely but I was already using those colors for the first technique. So, I modified her card a bit with my own color combo. and stamps. What do you think? I think I pulled it off. I really like this card. Really. And again, not really my “style”.

Stamps: All SU! Baroque Motifs
CS: Whisper White, Bayou Blue, Chocolate Chip
Ink: Soft Sky
Accessories: 5/8″ Chocolate Chip Grosgrain. (love this!); dimensionals; SU! Scallop Punch; 1 3/8″ circle Punch; Sponge; paper scorer

ETA: I forgot to mention that this card is 4.25 x 4.25 square. The faux tile looks so much better (again IMHO) when done in a square pattern.

Let me know if you like this one (the choc. chip) one… I do like it.


Playing tag and spreading some joy?

Back in January, I started this thing with my customers called Bumper Cards. The idea was that people would sign up and basically RAK (random act of kindness) others by sending a handmade card to the next person on the list… just to get some fun mail. It’s called Bumper Cards because originally each person was to bump down to the next person on the list. Well, we do it monthly and every month new people joined so I added them and just randomized(really, I do Jennifer!) the list and sent out a new one. Here we are about to be in August and it is still going strong and still called Bumper Cards!

So, now, I’ve been toying with this new idea… what if we all out here in cyberland play bumper cards???? Okay, so no, not exactly the way I described above but instead… what if we played tag (that seems to be such a game among bloggers) but instead of just tagging, we actually PAY IT FORWARD and try to brighten someone’s day? Would that be one step in the right direction towards world peace? 🙂

You’ve all probably seen the Rockin’ Blogger Award thing and that pretty much clinched the idea for me to start this. I thought well if that was such a hit and spread like wildfire all because a girl somewhere wanted to start something and see how far it went, I could try to do something but make it spread happiness and joy. Do you think I can do it? PLEASE help me…

Okay, the rules are simple:
1) Send ONE card to someone you know within 7 days! (family, friends, associates, cyber people, etc.) ANYONE!!! Doesn’t matter who… just do it. Can you imagine the smile on their face when they open their mailbox and see a card from you?
2) Tag (yes, I know, but this is the only way to spread this) 5 people you know to do the same thing (Tag means tag them to send their own cards to their own people).
3) Proudly display this on your blog to spread a little sunshine and pass it on.

If you get tagged again (we can all hope, can’t we), send another card! You don’t even have to mail… put one on your husband’s dashboard of his car, your coworkers desk, your neighbor’s doorstep, and so on and so forth.

Sappy… why yes. WANNA JOIN ME? PLEASE? We can all use a little bit of happiness in the world, can’t we?

Okay, so I’m going to start this and I’m going to do 17 people (started with 5, couldn’t stop!) I admire and that are “big” names to get this thing off the ground… (I hope they don’t laugh at me!).

1. Jenn Balcer (of course)
2. Beate
3. Julie Eberson (aka JulieHrr)
4. Debbie Olson
5. Nicole Heady
6. Cambria
7. Taylor VanBruggen
8. Sharon Harnist
9. Gina K
10. Jody Morrow
11. Emilymomto3boys
12. Valerie Stangle
13. Britta Ward
14. Trudee
15. Amy Westerman
16. Alison Fillo
17. Crazy Stamp Chick

Okay, ready? Set? Go!


So, THIS is what I look like.

So, Jenn posted this picture on her blog so I guess I can post it too. I was waiting to make sure she wanted to post it since her daughter is in it. You know how I am about these things. Anyway, it’s DEFINITELY not my best picture. AND I look goofy. But, nonetheless I had a blast with her (hence the goofy smile!). Look at all that stuff behind us!

And doesn’t her daughter look JUST like her. Well, and Mike, too. Fun, fun… Thanks Jenn.


WOHOO… what a day!

Despite the RAIN… rain, and more rain… did I mention that it’s been raining here since the middle of May… almost EVERY day. Scattered Showers – Okay; Downpours – Not Okay.
Yes, there are good things about rain: don’t have to water the grass; don’t have to MOW the grass (LOL… too wet to mow – at least that’s what DH keeps saying!); There are BAD things about rain: TWO SMALL BOYS INSIDE FOR TWO MONTHS, Flooding, MOSQUITOS

Okay, anyway… sidetracked…

So, I had a FABULOUS day. I went down to San Antonio today and spent the afternoon with Jenn! OMG… she’s so fun! I knew that already but we have never just hung out. It had been 2 years since I last saw her (can you believe that?). Well, I did have a baby in between that time!

We had lunch, then we hit Stampantonio (I’m disappointed, I must say). And then I visited the Mothership… and you thought you had a lot of stuff! ;). But after seeing Jenn’s AWESOME stamp room and it is such a bright, cheery, happy place, I came home, ate dinner and went shopping to get yet more storage/organizational stuff. Geez, thanks Jenn. Now, my stamp room is a disaster and I’m stuck trying to figure out how to put it all back together again… did I mention I have a class tomorrow night? Yikes… luckily not in that room BUT it would be nice if I could find all the stuff for the class, wouldn’t it?

Back to Jenn… I’m so blessed to be able to call her my friend. Thanks Jenn for a fantabulous day and for bringing sunshine to my rainy day!


Rain, rain, rain…

Good grief. I’m SO SICK of the rain. Sorry, just a little morning whine to go with my coffee… Today is Thursday, right? On Monday, I was reading Anna Wight’s blog (LOVE her stuff – her photography is STUNNING and she’s a Texas Girl!). She was doing the blog candy thing and her question was “Why are you smiling today” or something like that. At that VERY moment that day, it was bright and sunny here. I tell you what … within a matter of hours, the sun left and the rain came AGAIN… and it hasn’t left yet. WAH.

Is it raining where you are?