Let’s talk about my birthday so far…

First, don’t forget about the blog candy below. Tonight, midnight. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the great wishes.

My birthday has ALWAYS been a great day. I usually celebrate for 3 weeks: the week before, the week during and the week after. So many family and friends to celebrate with. Why have only one big party and not many little parties ;)? Anyway, having kids and young ones for that matter give an extra special fun aspect to birthdays. I’ll say one thing… you can’t really plan much with small kids.

My 1 year-old is such a happy camper and so laid back. He doesn’t even cry if he hasn’t napped. He refuels with food and he’s good to go. Well, at about 1:30 last night, I heard THAT cry over the monitor. You know, the one that you know it will be a long night. It lasted for a split second and then it was gone. Until 2:30am. Then he was really bad off. REALLY HIGH TEMPERATURE and only wanted Mommy to hold him. So, from 2:30am to 5:30am, he slept on my head. Literally. One stupid thing I do, is not move to get comfortable because I don’t want to wake him up. So, 5:30 he wakes up my DH. Gave him Motrin and we all slept for a bit longer. The fever broke. YAY! Then 30 mins later my 5 year old woke up. Hmmm. Uh, Happy birthday mom!

Besides that… My DH planned a road trip for us today. He took me to Salado (about an hour from our house), Texas so that I could go to Stamp Salado (they carry A Muse stamps there … and did I mention no one in Austin does). We had lunch there too. Yummy. I remember going to that quaint little town when I was in high school. So much fun. AND STAMP SALADO is awesome. HOW DO they stay in business in a small town? I don’t know.

I met Mark (who works there) of Deadbeat Designs. He is very cool and his stamps are awesome. I picked up a couple of his designs. I also got some new A Muse stamps. They didn’t have the ones I was looking for but I did get some. Veronica, look very closely at the picture… see anything you like? It’s from Mark at Deadbeat Designs. Hook ’em!

Anyway, here’s my loot from today’s trip. I have to thank my dear husband for such a GREAT birthday (he also bought me a bunch of SU! new catalog stuff that’s not here yet!). The boys were good given the circumstances. Anyway, YAY! Stamp Stuff! Always on my wish list! 🙂



One thought on “Let’s talk about my birthday so far…

  1. Geeta, looks like you did GREAT at Stampin Salado! Isn’t it just an adorable place???? I am so glad you enjoyed and …HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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