Rain, rain, rain…

Good grief. I’m SO SICK of the rain. Sorry, just a little morning whine to go with my coffee… Today is Thursday, right? On Monday, I was reading Anna Wight’s blog (LOVE her stuff – her photography is STUNNING and she’s a Texas Girl!). She was doing the blog candy thing and her question was “Why are you smiling today” or something like that. At that VERY moment that day, it was bright and sunny here. I tell you what … within a matter of hours, the sun left and the rain came AGAIN… and it hasn’t left yet. WAH.

Is it raining where you are?



3 thoughts on “Rain, rain, rain…

  1. I was going to be smart and say of, course it’s raining here- I live around corner!! My family in PA could sure use the rain! 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, the rain here is too much. Surrounding areas have flooded, some areas have even called disaster areas. I have a co-worker who’s garden has done horribly because of the excess of rain. All that really turned out is the green beans and he plants a huge garden, probably 1/4 acre. And even me, who adores the rain is getting tired of it. It’s like we’ve become a tropical area with rain everyday. But I guess tropical areas don’t get the 2-hour deluges with lots of lightning and thunder.

  3. I’m glad someone is getting the rain, we’re praying for rain here! It is so dry and the crops are dying. Be thankful you have the rain!

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