I’ve been buried under all this reorganizing going on in my studio. Sheesh. It goes ever so slowly with 2 small kids around. Here’s the scenario…

1. Adult (me!) removes something from desktop momentarily and sets it on the floor.
2. Kid #1 swoops in and takes said item off to investigate (i.e. claim as his own, play with, take a part, whatever)
3. Adult says “KID#1, did you take “*said item*”
4. “Yes, mama”
5. “Bring it back here, pleazzzzzzzzzze”
6. Put item back on desk
7. Put another item on floor momentarily.
8. Kid #2 takes it and RUNS (okay, a 1 year-old running is really like a very clumsy-looking fast walk!) out of the room LAUGHING hysterically at the thought of getting away with something or being caught.
9. Kid #2 doesn’t respond to #5 above…
10. Have to get to kid #2 before he a) hurts himself b) hurts the house or most likely c) LOSES said item somewhere only he knows….

And then you guys wonder where I’ve been for this past week? Or maybe you aren’t wondering at all? Yes, I “could” (and probably should) do it when they’re sleeping… but what fun would that be? 😀

Speaking of which… I started this blog for my customers and isn’t it IRONIC that the people that comment are all of my WONDERFUL cyber friends and not my customers? I really don’t get that… Again, maybe my customers don’t read my blog. Hmmm. That’s something to ponder. NOT complaining… I just think it’s really strange that my real life friends/customers aren’t the ones I talk to/email/exchange comments with. Does that happen to you, my fellow bloggers?

Okay, back to reorganizing. Why did I start this project again?
Right… to, um, get *more* organized (anything more than what I had is an accomplishment, isn’t it?)



One thought on “Buried…

  1. Sorry I never post comments to your blog. I actually do read it…in between work and meetings. And I totaly understand your pain about organizing your stuff…even though I don’t have the “kid factor” to deal with.

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