Sold some SU! Retired stuff…

and got MORE SU! stuff… I’m trying something new this catalog (okay, new to me). I’m trying to only get stuff from the new catalog from my birthday money/family/friends, or from selling my retired stuff (can’t get new until you make more SPACE), or from my SU! business (this one is the hard part – I’m hardly ever the hostess). Anyway, I did have a workshop last week AND with all the retired sets I’ve been selling (thank you everyone), I got to place another order for more new stuff. You know what I “had” to order (it’s my #1 embellishment for classes so I “had” to get it)? ALL of the new ribbon… I somehow slept during the retirement accessories list (actually we were in the middle of sabbatical so who thinks about anything then?)… I didn’t realize that so many of my ribbons were retiring. I think 2/3 of my order was just ribbon. Then I got a couple of other things… Here’s my new loot:

See ALL of that ribbon? It’s so pretty… And the pretties kit. I’ll have to say I had to get Garden Whimsy because of Jenn… and well, the Baroque background (still, not my style) because of Debbie Olson. These “big wig” stampers are costing me a lot! Sheesh!

Oh… and the room reorg. continues…



2 thoughts on “Sold some SU! Retired stuff…

  1. I am soooo special because I got to see “the room” yesterday and it is coming along wonderfully! Great ideas for organizing. It’s going to be fabulous. Organizing is such fun until you can’t find what you are looking for!

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