Organizational tip #1 for ribbon…

I, apparently, will never get done with this “reorg” so I thought I’d share some of the little tips I’m doing to organize my desktop (organizing the whole room back in March took less time than just my desktop!).

So this tip is not my idea… stole, er, I mean borrowed it from Jenn. First, I am a ribbon snob. I like all my ribbon to be on spools. But those really pretty SU! ribbon samplers that come on the cardboard are so pretty that I had to have them, too. Problem is they sit in a drawer and never get used because honestly, I forget they are there. So, Jenn has these glass jars from Target that she keeps on her shelf. She has a jar for different color families. I really like the idea because it adds color to the room. But I don’t have that much cut ribbon (see aforementioned “ribbon snob”) nor do I have that much space. So, I was at Hobby Lobby this week and I got these glass jars… regularly priced at $2.33 but I got them 50% off (which was the sale last week but neither I nor the cashier knew that so she gave me the sale price! I found this out when I went back yesterday to get one more jar – at full price of $2.33!). They are a little over 5″ tall and they did have taller ones but I don’t have the space.

Here’s what it looks like by itself. It is a glass jar with a silver/chrome screw on lid. Very simple.

Maybe you can get them on sale 😉



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