Apparently, I send Halloween cards. So says my family. A couple of years ago, or maybe it was last year, I didn’t send one. And they noticed. And that’s when I realized I sent Halloween cards. Hmmm. It’s not a big production like Christmas but I do send a picture of the boys in the pumpkin patch or their costumes. So, not to disappoint anyone this year, here’s my Halloween card (they should have received it by now!).

Stamps: All A Muse art stamps
Card stock: A Muse
Ink: Versafine black onyx, Yellow Citrus Colorbox Chalk
Accessories: Sakura glaze pen

I just love the kids in the costume parade!

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Stay safe and have a super, fun day!



Teacher treats…

So, do you remember elementary school? Did you have a bazillion teachers? I’m a bit in shock at the sheer number. So, in my previous post I mentioned that my eldest son’s class has 22 kids, right? Okay, let’s back track a bit…

Eldest son was 2: 2 teachers, 1 aux. teacher (music), 8 kids
Eldest son was 3: 2 teachers, 1 aux. teacher (music), 12 kids
Eldest son was 4: 2 teachers,1 aux. teacher (music), 16 kids

This brings us up through last year.

Now, this year, the bunnies, they’re a multiplyin’….

Youngest son is 19 mo: 2 teachers, 1 aux. teacher, 8 kids
Eldest son is 5: 1 teacher, 6 aux. teachers, 1 VERY NICE NEIGHBOR THAT DRIVES HIM TO SCHOOL EVERY MORNING because the BUS comes to *#*$!!#$?! early, 2 Martial Arts teachers (I forgot about these… he reminded me… I had to scramble yesterday to fix that!), 22 kids


Can you imagine what will happen in 4 years, when 2 are in elementary? Ok, so most of you probably already have this “problem” but remember I’m an engineer and numbers are part of my makeup! ACK!


Good thing I started these projects a while back. No, actually that’s not the GOOD thing… the GOOD thing is Papertrey’s tins. OMG. WHAT a life saver AND SUPER QUICK! Thanks Nicole and the Papertrey gang. Your simplicity is exactly my lifestyle (or maybe it’s exactly what my lifestyle needs at the moment!).

Stamps: PaperTrey’s Spooky Sweets
Paper/CS: all SU!
Ink: SU! Only Orange
Accesories: PaperTrey’s Tins (4 oz square clear top tin)

Thanks for looking (and listening :))!


No tricks, just treats!

Halloween! Time to make some stuff for those little goblins that live here and their classmates! Whew! With the toddler in preschool this year and the big one in Kinder… the number of treats MULTIPLIED! I had make 30 this year! ACK! And teachers… well that multiplied, too but that’s for another post.

For my preschooler, I did 3 small tubs of play-doh. I seem to keep buying that stuff and forgetting that I have it! So, they all will get 3 tubs this year. I decorated the lids with my cute A Muse Halloween images! 🙂 I love the little pumpkin baby! So cute!. I wheeled some small craft bags with the SU! Batty for You wheel. Quick and simple!

For my kindergartener, the inside holds spider rings, an eyeball ball, and some (you guessed it!) play-doh! Gotta get rid of this stuff! I didn’t decorate any of these items…. have you seen 22 five-year olds OPEN stuff? Stand back… I wheeled white lunch bags with the SU! Spooky skyline wheel and called it done.

The real trick is how to get all 22 bags with my child to school… I think I’ll have to take them up there when I go later in the day tomorrow!

My advice to you… know your audience. Even if it’s going to be super-cute, don’t spend a lot of time and money on stuff for kids! The packaging gets torn into and thrown away! I wanted cute but I really wanted FAST!


Teacher Birthday!

My 19 month old’s teacher had a birthday last week! Good thing… I needed an excuse to make another paint can. I love these clear ones. They’re so quick!

Stamps: Stampendous
Paper: American Crafts, SU!
Ribbon: May Arts, SU!, A Muse
Embellishments: Diamond Glaze, Sakura Glitter Pen

So, what did I put in it? A bunch of chocolate and 8 3×3 cards… oh, plus a gift card to a SPA from the whole class!

Happy Birthday, Ms Bobi!


Thin Witch gets brewed!

I wanted to make another sample for the super nice owner of Stamp Salado. We used the A Muse thin witch stamp and witches brew for a different card back in September at my first A Muse class. But I wanted to show her another way to use it. This is a very similar card to the one that fabulous, Jenn Shurkus made here. Thanks Jenn! Poor thin witch…. maybe she should have just kissed the frog!

Stamps and Notecards by A Muse; May Arts Ribbon, A Muse twinkle stickers, Crystal Stickles, Giga Scallop Oval Punch, Mega Oval Punch, Markers


Hook ’em Horns! Go horns! Go!

The Eyes Of Texas

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
all the live-long day,
The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
you can not get away.
Do not think you can escape them,
at night or early in the morn’.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
’til Gabriel blows his horn.

So, here’s a little story for you… This summer I got a random email from a lady in Louisana that wanted to know about stamp stores in the Austin area. I didn’t know her or from where she found me. But didn’t matter… she found me and asked so I thought I’d show her some of that Texas friendliness. Well, turns out that she actually went to school at the University of Texas. Huh, so did I! Wait… what? She graduated in 1991. No way. So, did I! So, she comes to Austin ends up going to Archivers because she hadn’t been to one and that was closest to where she was ultimately heading. Then all the A Muse instructor stuff happened for me (just giving you some time references here). And then, this one time in band camp… oh wait, I wasn’t ever in band…. … So, then a month goes by and GUESS WHAT? She’s the guest designer for A Muse… do you know who I’m talking about? Yes, yes,…. Ms. Lexi Daly. Can you freakin’ believe that? If you don’t know who I’m talking about, check out her unbelievable blog, Confetti… she’s oh so talented… I just can’t believe how “small” the world is and how many things she and I have in common… just finding it out because she asked for directions (see, Men should try it… might just find a new friend!).

Anyway, we share in the love for our alma mater and A Muse. But she’s pretty much got A Muse covered. So, I can only “help” her in the Longhorn department. I sent her a little goodie package the other day along with this card.

Hook ’em Horns Lexi!


Rhonda Rocks…

Okay, so Rhonda is another A Muse pal of mine. She is one of the fab 4 that helps to run the A Muse Addicts Yahoo Group. And you know what she does? She sends a hand made card to every new member of the yahoo group. Do you know how many members we have right now? ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-NINE! You heard me, 179! Now, she’s working through the list so if you haven’t gotten one, don’t panic. She’s on it. Can you believe that? WHAT A SWEETIE! Such a generous heart. Seriously. I am so glad to know you Ms. Rhonda… she’s manyblessings on SCS.

Anyway, she needed a card. And she likes to stamp (duh!) so I thought using the A Muse stamp store was the right choice for her. The outside says “so many stamps… so little time”.

On the inside I stamped a Stamping Bella saying….

Stamps: $6457.33
Supplies: $7872.58
Handmade card: priceless

Rhonda, it should say “Handmade card BY RHONDA: priceless”.

Thanks for all that you do and for just being you.