World Card Making Day – CONTEST!!!

Michelle, aka Crazystampchick and I have come together for some fun -A Muse style. We are giving away prizes straight from A Muse! We are each having a Scavenger Hunt. We are each having a Scavenger Hunt. Enter on each or both of our blogs to win!

Now, you may know that A Muse is a Gold Level sponsor of WCMD. You may also know that A Muse has special project underway called Cards for a Cause where your handmade cards and money will be donated to St. Jude’s Medical Research. How cool is that? YOU can make a difference. Go check it out.

Michelle and I wanted to do something fun together and to point you to several places that we find interesting, hip, and totally rockin’.

So, the rules…
* Answer all 6 questions here in the comments section for this post.
* The winner will be drawn randomly from all of the correct answers.
* You have until 8pm Central on Saturday (WCMD), October 6th to post your answers.
* Each blog (mine and Michelle’s) will have it’s own prize giveaway (so do both and you could win twice!)


  1. From Michelle’s blog: Every so often, Michelle showcases one little girl’s cards. What is her name?
  2. St Jude’s question – Who is the patient of the month on the St. Jude’s website?
  3. A Muse Artstamps – Name one of the new images on the A Muse website; Give the name of the stamp and the item number
  4. A Muse News blog – Name one member of the A Muse team (designer or instructor)
  5. A Muse Addicts Yahoo Group – Who is the artist of the card showcased on our homepage? Not a member, go there and register!
  6. Splitcoaststampers Thread – What forum would you find the A Muse Addicts thread on SCS? Give the link here.

Good luck!

ETA: I’ve updated the links. SORRY. I don’t know how they broke! ACK!



10 thoughts on “World Card Making Day – CONTEST!!!

  1. 1. Becca2 Madelyn Beamon3. Witches Brew 2-2647D4. Geeta Suggs!!5. Nicole Miller6. Entertainment > Fun & Games

  2. Here are my guesses:1 – Becca2 – Madelyn Beamon3 – Baby Penguin 7-3098B4 – Geeta Suggs5 – Nicole Miller6 – Other Stuff – Entertainment – Fun and Games – A*MUSE Addicts Club – part 2Thanks for the fun!

  3. i love a scavenger hunt!1. becca2. madelyn beamon3. holiday drinks 2-2136E4. you, of course!5. nicole miller6. fun & games!:) lexi

  4. I’m only going to answer the first question, because that would be MY DAUGHTER!!!! Hooray for Becca!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 She’ll be excited that she’s mentioned on another blog. I’m really too tired to look for the other answers, but I should win anyway because my daughter is the answer… the only important answer, I might add.Thanks for the smile, Geeta ;)Kris C. in GA

  5. 1) Becca2) Madelyn Beamon3) Holiday Drinks 2-2136E4) Geeta5) Nicole Miller6) Entertainmnet/Fun and games1) Becca2) Madelyn Beamon3) Holiday Drinks 2-2136E4) GEETA!!5) Nicole Miller6) Entertainmnet/Fun and games!Elyss

  6. Yay! Another chance : ]1. Becca2. Madelyn Beamon3. Mouser 2-2147B4. Geeta Suggs!!5. Nicole Miller6. Entertainment//fun && games luck everyone!Angela

  7. What fun!1) Becca2) Madelyn Beamon3) Holiday Drinks 2-2136E4) GEETA!!5) Nicole Miller6) Entertainmnet/Fun and games for the scavenger hunt!Tinla Woo

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