Janna’s boxes!

I have an SU! customer, who I’m happy to say is not only a very cool person but also a sincerely sweet lady. She ADORES Halloween. I mean ADORES. She goes all out every year. The very first time I met Janna, she said to me “It’s all about the box”. And so true that is. Her eyes light up and sparkle anytime I mention box. Well, this year she out did herself and made this AWESOME boxes for everyone that came to hostess club that night, in honor of Halloween, of course. You may have seen this box style on Splitcoast. It’s a no glue, no scoring box. And now, I love it. Here’s the box Janna made for me. It’s filled (I mean FILLED) with Hershey’s Nuggets.

Well, of course, everyone asked her to show us how to do it. It’s so easy. It’s so easy that I made two the next day and one the day after that. And you know what else? I’m teaching it in Salado in a couple of weeks at the Pretty Packages A Muse class. THANKS Janna!

Here are the first two I have made:

This one on the right is made from SU! Halloween 12×12 Designer Paper (just in time for Halloween!).

The one on the left is my snowman one and my 5 year old has already “claimed” it. It doesn’t even have anything in it. He just wants it. He does like little boxes … like treasure boxes! This one uses paper I wheeled for the top (SU! jumbo wheel). And the bottom is ballet blue cardstock. The little tag has an A Muse snowman on it. Cute, eh?

So, these boxes are easy to make and I love them! Now, I just have to figure out what to put in them!

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