Rhonda Rocks…

Okay, so Rhonda is another A Muse pal of mine. She is one of the fab 4 that helps to run the A Muse Addicts Yahoo Group. And you know what she does? She sends a hand made card to every new member of the yahoo group. Do you know how many members we have right now? ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-NINE! You heard me, 179! Now, she’s working through the list so if you haven’t gotten one, don’t panic. She’s on it. Can you believe that? WHAT A SWEETIE! Such a generous heart. Seriously. I am so glad to know you Ms. Rhonda… she’s manyblessings on SCS.

Anyway, she needed a card. And she likes to stamp (duh!) so I thought using the A Muse stamp store was the right choice for her. The outside says “so many stamps… so little time”.

On the inside I stamped a Stamping Bella saying….

Stamps: $6457.33
Supplies: $7872.58
Handmade card: priceless

Rhonda, it should say “Handmade card BY RHONDA: priceless”.

Thanks for all that you do and for just being you.



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