More Kid Table Turkey Day Treats

I was thinking of making all kinds of stuff. Elena had some GREAT ideas for the kids table. I *love* the activity mat. Well, I didn’t do any of those. I thought about doing them. Does that count?

After the BUSIEST week of my year last week (seriously, every year the week of Halloween is the busiest ever… more than any other week of the year! GLAD it’s over). This week is much calmer but I do have 2 SU! classes and 3 A Muse classes in 12 days. How did I manage that? Oh well. That’s all fun stuff, right? Still doesn’t compare to last week.

Right, topic at hand. Kid’s table. Four boys. Six, Five, Three, and 20 months. Any ideas on what to do for them? I have a drawer in my stamp room that has Party Favor left overs (includes stuff for school treats that we had too many of, etc.). I opened it up and thought “there has to be something in here!”. Know what I found? OODLES AND OODLES of mini play-doh. Remember my Halloween post? I keep buying those but I forget that I have 100! But I decided that I didn’t want them playing with Play-doh on my nice new tablecloths! 🙂 So, I kept looking. I found those mini bottles of … BUBBLES! Yeah, that’s a good item. Bubbles has to be an outside toy! 😉

It was quicker to make those 4 little bottles than it was to write up this post ;). I stamped on Avery address labels and wrapped them around the bottles. Tied off with a ribbon. The 20 month old (my son) will love it. I think all of them will. Bubbles are just…. wait for it…. good, clean fun! 😀



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