Cheaper, Cuter, “Funner” CASE

Before you grammar Nazis (you know who you are!) get all up-in-arms about my title… I know. It just had to flow that way.

So, CASE = copy and share everything. You might need to know that for this post.

About a month ago, I was at a local bed, bath and um, faraway place. I saw these chalk boards for counting down the days until Christmas. I liked them so much that I almost bought one. Then I looked at the price at it was $14.99. Um, no. That could be stamp money! So, then I took a picture of them. And said, I’ll have to make one myself. How many times have I said that? Well, this time I did!

I prefer the red one for my kids!

First, I had to acquire a chalkboard. Michael’s $2.99 (w/o coupon). I already had red paint and foam brushes and a little 5 year-old helper that painted it for me! (FOR FREE!) πŸ™‚ Next, came the stamping part. The chalkboard I found has a much narrower frame so I couldn’t use too many images… they just wouldn’t fit. I like the way it turned out and more importantly, my son is ready to begin the countdown! It’s so fun this year, with all that he is learning, math, reading, etc… WOHOO!

So, what do you think? Do you think we CASED it alright? It certainly is MUCH less expensive (nicer way of saying CHEAPER!).

Leave me a comment here and I’ll read it to my son. He’s wondering how everyone likes it! πŸ™‚

ETA: He painted. I stamped (and wrote).



7 thoughts on “Cheaper, Cuter, “Funner” CASE

  1. very cute and very nice paint job i might add. I love the color and the all the little touches you did to it and so much more cost effective. Yipeeeeeee!!!

  2. WooHoo! Would you look at that paint job! No runs, no drips, no smudges! What a great paint job he did. He rocks! Just like his mom! Oh, and you did a good job also Geeta. Think I want to make one! Red of course is my favorite color! What a neat way to count down the days especially when you have such a cool kid to help you.

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