No, no, not 1000 cards… I’m crazy but not that crazy.

4 hours.
3 ladies (me included).
1 toddler (ok, so he didn’t help but he was here)
120 bags.
3 large tins.
9 cookie sheets.
1000 peanut clusters.

Time with friends, cranking them out and checking things off my list. Priceless.

Two of my friends and I get together every year for 4 hours and make as many peanut clusters as possible. We’ve done this for at least 3 years. Usually we make 750ish… today we made 1000! Oh my. How fun. But we have a really good system down now. Those two do the cooking… I don’t cook. I do the packaging (YIPPEE!). And the setting up, etc. And of course, the chasing the 21 month old. 🙂

This year I was smarter. My friend, Edye, has a personalized stationery business, called LMNOPeople (isn’t that CUTE??!!!). It’s LOVELY stuff and it’s VERY affordable. So, I asked her to make our labels for us… ones that say “From the Suggs Family”, etc. I slapped those on cut cardstock and used my Crop-a-dile to punch holes through 8 or 10 at a time. And then I bought ribbon from Reasonable Ribbon (i’ll say! love her prices!) and voila!

The recipe is very easy and everyone seems to love them. I’d glad they’re done and not the giving part can start.



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