Okay. One. Just One.

The A Muse crew (designers and instructors) are playing a challenge of sorts. It’s called Ornament Blitz. Michelle, aka crazystampchick, is kicking my behind in the blitz. And I’m giving her heck everyday about it. She posted that she’s going to do one ornament a day until Christmas, well she’s been slacking off a bit (and yes, I’m giving her a hard time about that too!). So, I’m not really playing because making ornaments right now isn’t on top of my priority list BUT I recently found this “Lid-of-an-acrylic-paint-can-gone-wrong” design on my work table. Hmm, it’s already cut and stamped, just needs some attention and loving (don’t we all? ;)). So, I fixed her up a bit and made her into a beautiful, sparkly ornament. And right now she’s the only ornament on my tree! I hope you like it.

And Michelle… 😛



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