The other day my 5 year old said to me that some people don’t believe in Santa. I’m so not ready for these discussions… and this one was a “tame” one. One day when he was 2, he said (while we were driving somewhere, I might add!), “I bet your sad that your dad never got to meet me”. I nearly drove off the road as my eyes swelled up… then you know what the next question was, right? Where is he now? … Uh, remember he was TWO. So, anyway, back to Santa…. I turned it on him (a clever trick I’ve learned, I might add ;)). “Son, what do you think?” He said “I don’t know”. So, I said “do you believe in God?” He said yes. I then talked about he hadn’t met God but he believed he existed, etc. etc. Then he asked me if I believe in Santa. Now as a parent you don’t want to lie to your children so I didn’t. I told him I do believe in Santa. Because I really do. No, not necessarily the red-suited, white-bearded, jolly old fellow that makes his rounds on Christmas Eve but in the Spirit of Santa. The spirit of doing good things for each other – being nice rather than naughty, spreading goodwill, etc. Ho, Ho, Ho and all that.

A few weeks ago, I made this bottle. Yes, it’s out of a Starbucks Frappaccino bottle. I drink way to many of them. But for this purpose, that is a good thing ;).

Images by A Muse
Paper by A Muse
Ribbon by May Arts

So, the bell still rings for me. (maybe that’s just a noise in my head though…. )

Oh, I forgot to mention those buttons (they are black and hard to see in the picture) are Black Fun Flock on Glue Dots. Clever, eh? I wanted something different than the little fuzz balls that you get at the craft store!



One thought on “Believe…

  1. Geeta – so sweet! I just altered a couple of these frap bottles myself…Will have to case you for the next couple!!

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