And 24 minutes to spare.

Just finishing up. Whew. What a whirlwind. Anyway, I just completed 4 bracelets for gift giving tomorrow. Actually, they aren’t even the “gift” we are giving but I wanted to give something to my MIL as a special thanks for all that she does for me. She has 8 grandchildren, ages 26 down to 2 months old. And for the first time this week, all 8 will be in the same place at the same time. That’s a bit hard to do considering two of them are adults and have their own minds, schedules, etc. I decided to make all the SILs one too just for fun!

Anyway, I originally ordered these 7 Gypsies bracelets from Ellen Hutson because I saw so many pretty bracelets made with wonderful designer paper. But I wanted to make picture ones. Hadn’t actually seen anyone do those. But I figured out how to make “mini ID” pictures with the software that came with my printer (HP). So that was pretty painless. Had to get a new punch from – the 5/8″ circle. And that’s pretty much it. So, then I got 2 bracelets in and decided I needed more. Last week, I emailed my A Muse buddy, Rachel – of Hope Stamps Eternal and purchased some more from her store! They came in today. I had everything printed and ready to assembly. I swear these bracelets only take 15 minutes to put together if you have your pictures printed out (or use designer paper, etc.). Seriously. I did 4 just now. Now, just to wrap them and I’m done. Check out Rachel’s store. She’s super fast on shipping!

Oh, Rachel also told me that 7 Gypsies is discontinuing these bracelet kits. So, get them now for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day or someone’s birthday.

No, I’m not affiliated with Rachel’s business… just love her customer service and she’s one of the A Muse Addicts!

Merry Christmas!



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