Happy New Year!


Here we are. Another year. I’ve been meaning to post all day but time has flown by today. We’ve hung around inside because we live in the self-proclaiming ALLERGY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD and today it is so true. My eyes are RED and not from the drinks last night!

We celebrated last night with our best friends at the Melting Pot. Yummy. Everyone else had “real” drinks and well, I had TWO (yes, two) Yin Yangs…. aren’t they pretty? They really were milkshakes with some alcohol in them. But they were GOOD.

We came home before midnight because we had inlaws babysitting our 2 boys and my 3 yr. old nephew. The 2 oldest boys (5 and 3) were still up when we got home. Isn’t that what a sleepover is all about? Uh, no. It’s not. Not at 5 and 3. No. No. No. So, I spent some time laying on the floor in my studio (that’s where we set up cots for them to be together) “helping” them to stop talking, getting up, singing, stalling… stalling… stalling…

They were finally asleep at around 11!. So, not to bad, right. Yeah, keep thinking that. My early bird son was still up at the butt-crack of dawn… 6 am, rise and shine! Happy NEW year!

Anyway, I did sneak in to make this card to give to all of you (virtually!). I’ll have another post sometime soon about resolutions, of sorts but not tonight.

Here’s a card I made to submit for the Yahoo A Muse Addicts group Home Page Contest. Are you a member of our group? Join us.. there’s a button on the right over there


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