Stamps for Sale Storefront thing fixed…

That do dad thing on the right, it’s called a “Paypal Storefront” but I’ve called it lots of other names today. At least in my head because pre-school toys were present. ;). Anyway, I got said thing over there fixed. I think. Can you see the pictures, now? Problem was I always could see them on my pc… in Firefox (my browser of choice!) and even in Exploder (LOL!). But some (ok. most of you using Exploder) of you couldn’t. First, recreate the problem. Fire-up the boy’s computer… test and test and test… Then, debug to figure out what’s actually wrong. THEN HOW TO FIX IT. I have to say, it’s a good thing that DH is an engineer too. We speak the same language… that’s a beautiful thing (*wink*). I’m so glad he’s around. It’s been a while since I did any debugging like this. And whew, it’s over. I think. I hope.

Thanks for stopping by!



One thought on “Stamps for Sale Storefront thing fixed…

  1. Don’t worry, Geeta. I never thought it was bugged. I saw all the pictures just fine. But then again, Firefox is my browser of choice too.

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