Man, this was hard.

Jennie Moczan, aka MocJen, is in charge of our challenges over on the A Muse Addicts yahoo group. Have you joined yet? This week’s challenge was to use an A Muse stamp in a different way than was intended. Many of the addicts have played along. Well, this week, she extended the challenge to the Fab 4, aka us moderators… Michelle, Rhonda, Jennie, and me. The challenge was to use a particular stamp THAT JENNIE PICKED (no, I’m not bitter… not at all!). She picked the very cute “Cup and Saucer” from the new A Muse Valentine’s Day release. Now, WHY would you pick that one, Jennie? It’s perfect JUST THE WAY it’s intended.

Okay, so I’ve griped and complained to my wit’s end to the 3 of them all week. The THREE of them have kicked donkey tail on this challenge. I can not compete. But they pressured me into it. Don’t feel sorry for me? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Thanks.

Onward. So, all week I’ve been trying to think of something. I even googled “tea cup, teacup, cup and saucer, etc”. I stupidly googled “Coffee, Tea, or Me”. Don’t do that. Yikes. I thought that was a line from some comedy but that’s not exactly what I found. Oops. Tea cup is also a reference to tiny dogs. Did you know that? These are supposed to be the ones smaller than toy dogs. Well, it’s not an official name for them but it was in wikipedia… doesn’t that make it official? And being the owner of Papillions makes it ok for me to call my smaller than toy dogs, teacups, right? Yeah, that still didn’t help me make a card.

So, press on. I stamped the cup and saucer stamp all over a scratch piece of paper. Right-side up, upside down, on it’s side, stacked, etc. And then stared. Interestingly enough, upside kinda reminded me of the old rotary phones. Do you remember those?

Alright, it’s late. Here’s what I ended up with for card number 1:

Little MB Girl is sitting on some ‘shrooms! Do you see them or was I just smokin’ some? And well the ants are in there just because I had my weekly fire ants shot today.

Did that work? Did I use it for some other than it was intended?
All images by A Muse All card stock by A Muse Copics, SU! inks, SU! ribbon, A Muse ribbon

Did I stop there, you ask? I should have… but no.

Can you guess the reference? Hint… it’s a kid movie….

Card number 2:

The quote is handwritten and reads “Mama, There is a girl in the castle!”.

Okay, another hint… it’s a Disney movie.

Not a great card but sorta a different use for the cup and saucer.

What do you think?

I have one more but I’ll put that in a post of it’s own.

Egads, this was hard.



2 thoughts on “Man, this was hard.

  1. I like your chip on Chip! Great detail! :)And yes, it’s from Beauty and the Beast! You can’t sneak it by me! Bwahahaha!!!

  2. These are AMAZING Geeta!! You totally rocked this challenge! They are both fabulous! Thanks so much for playing along!! Hugs!

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