To resolve not to resolve. Sorta. And Blog Candy, too.

Well, as in my life (and has been for much of my adult life), I am a few days late of the resolution “deadline”.

So, as I’m sure many of you do, I don’t actually “do the resolution thing”. Well, sorta. A few years ago, I decided to give up on the ones that we all make because they just made me feel bad when I failed at them. Rather, I decided to make things that will make me feel GREAT if I succeed and not feel poorly if I fail. Some might call them “goals”. I still like resolutions better.

I don’t like the color red that much. Never have. I’m a cool jewel tone person… sapphire, emerald, etc. Oh, and I love purple – like you didn’t know. But the regal purple. Anyway, rubies and garnets aren’t on my list. Diamonds, however, are. WHO doesn’t like diamonds? One year, I “resolved” to wear more red. The first step, however, was to acquire red. This resolution started out alright. I acquired red and actually forced myself to wear it…something like twice. That resolution failed but I didn’t feel badly about it. I tried and then it was done.

Last year (for 2007), I came up with 2 very simple resolutions:
1) Resolution: To actually send out cards to people.
I make them. I should send them. It always brightens my day to receive one. So, I should do that to someone else.
Actual Outcome: I did really well at this but the key was in January 2007, I spent time making address labels for those people that I send to most often. I also kept a birthday list next to the address labels, stamps, etc. I organized that whole thing so that it’s easy to do (I got a table top clear, acrylic file folder from the Container Store to sit on my desk – it has a folder for stamps, return address labels, address lists, pre-printed mailing labels, bills, etc.) I figured out that the reason I never sent stuff was that I was “too lazy” to figure out the address, and do all that busy work to get it in the mail. So, I had to come up with something that would make the job easier!

2) Resolution: To make a card EVERY DAY.
So, no, I didn’t mean make 1 card each day, I just meant that I should create and do it as often as possible. By now, you may know that I don’t make one card at any one time. I make lots at a time. Usually 12 or more. Well, 12 in one sitting counts for 12 days. See? The point here was to make myself create more.
Actual Outcome: I made well over 365 cards last year. But even more that that, is I crafted way more than the year before because of this resolution. It was in my head and it made me create more. That made me happier. And I watched less of the brain-sucking device!

Other crafting things that I am proud that happened:
A) I started this blog. This blog makes me create more of my own stuff and less CASEd work because I didn’t want to put up stuff that I copied from others. THAT in of itself is my first and foremost reason for keeping up with it (and all of you, of course ;))!
B) I started the bumper card society with my Stampin’ Up! customers/friends. Basically, it’s a once-a-month send-a-card to someone on the list program. I had no idea that it would continue through the year and that so many would like it. I have to give thanks to all of you that participated. In August, I took bumper cards to the blog world but playing a game of tag. It was fun to see bumper cards go all over the globe. In September, Bumper Cards hit the A Muse Addicts yahoo group. What fun! I am honored and humbled that this is so successful. It warms my heart.
C) With the help of my friends, Michelle Clark, Jennie Moczan, and Rhonda Maynard, we started a little group of A Muse Addicts on yahoo of maybe 10 people (including us!) and we now have over 200 members and are still growing. I have found some wonderful friends there that share my love for A Muse and also for Starbucks ;)!

Good golly, are you still reading this? Wowza… supposed to be a resolution list not ramblings!

So, on to 2008…. I’m going to keep my 2 from last year:

1) Resolution: To actually send out cards to people.
2) Resolution: To make a card EVERY DAY.
3) Resolution: To do more Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) – I have a plan. Stay tuned.
4) Resolution: To create earlier than later and try to work better without pressure! LOL!

I’m going to start with these. Yes, these are all craft related. The non-crafting ones are a given, aren’t they? To be healthier, to spend more time with my kids (although I don’t think that’s possible!), to be a better wife, friend, daughter, sister, mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, niece, and LISTENER. Basically, to ENJOY LIFE.

I think it’s important to have crafting resolutions. So, in order to get you to make them… guess what? I’m offering up yet another Stampin’ Up! retired stamp set from my collection. I will let the winner pick from a list of stamps. Leave a comment here with YOUR REALISTIC CRAFTING RESOLUTIONS – i.e. ones that you promise to try to do. Do this by Monday, January 7th, noon Central Time. I’ll pick a winner randomly. Please leave your email address so I can contact you.

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5 thoughts on “To resolve not to resolve. Sorta. And Blog Candy, too.

  1. my biggest craft resolution is to actually send out the cards I make. I have fallen so far behind on that in years past. so here’s to 2008! :)

  2. I am committed to keeping my craft area CLEAN so that I can actually CREATE. I am committed to USING what I have and ACQUIRING less – until it’s all gone of course! *wink*

  3. I’m going to use all of my stamp sets at least once this year. There are some I’ve had for years and still haven’t used yet.

  4. My crafting resolution is to complete one scrapbook page per day, on average. I guess I should have a stamping resolution as well. I resolve to make more than one card in a sitting (something Geeta has been preaching to me forever!).

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