Shut Up… It’s Your Birthday… Thud

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE! Yes, Ms. JulieHRR, have a Splendiferous Day! Hugs!

I figured Julie needed a little something to play with. Here is a spinner card that I made just for her. The stars spin around Elzy. The tutorial for spinner cards and many other interactive cards can be found on Splitcoast here.

The inside, which I clearly forgot to photograph, says “Shut Up!… It’s Your Birthday… THUD”.

Does anyone you know say things like that? Hmmm….

This card below is by my fellow A Muse Addict Sister, Donna Gotsch. We needed somewhere to showcase her work! Julie, this is for you from Donna!

And this one was made by another A Muse Addict sister of mine from the Dominican Republic, Ericka Kunhardt.

So, maybe the rest of you have sensed a theme going on here? Look around, maybe you’ll see more!


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