Did you know that one of my favorite color combos is purple, green and gold? 😀

So, I may have told you this story a while back but it’s worth repeating. Back in early August or maybe late July (after the A-Muse-A-Palooza contest and before I became an A Muse instructor in any case), I received an email from a lady in New Orleans. She was asking about stamp stores in the Austin area. She said she’d be coming through soon. So, we chatted. She mentioned that she went to THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS way back when and I told her that I went there too! Turns out we graduated the same year! Hook ’em Horns! Anyway, so she comes to Austin and goes to Archivers (she was going to that side of town anyway) and emails me when she gets home and tells me about her travels.

So, then I become an A Muse Instructor in August.

In September, she becomes the A Muse Guest Designer for the month!

We chat again sometime after that. Then I’m at Stamp Salado teaching and I get some Texas stamps for her (in particular the LONGHORN stamp!). Stamp Salado has a great selection of Deadbeat Designs and I’m very fortunate to have met the designer, Mark. He has great Texas stuff!

Fast forward to last Friday!!!

And I get this in the mail…. EVEN the FED EX Box has mardi gras all over it… (an overnighted Fed Ex box, I might add)….

So, who is this from, you ask? None other than the FAMOUS Lexi Daly. You may know of her from her awesome blog, Confetti, the one and the only very TALENTED indeed, Lexi Daly.

Lexi, my friend, you can’t imagine how excited I was to see this. And it’s YUMMY! Thanks so much!

Oh, by the way, package contents included: A King Cake (YUMMY!), lots of mardi gras beads, some that say “Muse Fever” on them (you’ll have to ask Lexi about that ;)), a Mardi Gras cup, and the story of King Cakes. Oh, and a fabulous work of art by Lexi in Mardi Gras Colors, of course.




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