Only in TEXAS!

On our way up to Stamp Salado yesterday, we passed an RV pulling this on IH-35. Can you believe it? Well, if you’re from Texas, you can….

Yes, folks, that actually is an armadillo smoker. Why? I don’t know.

Anyway, we had a great time at the A Muse class despite the fact that I have no voice from a sinus infection!

I actually got to meet imagistra (Hi Helen!) from the amuseaddicts group! She didn’t take the class but she came to Salado from San Antonio to shop! That was fun to meet her. She came up to me and said “Are you Geeta?” Yeah.. Then she said “I’m an A Muse Addict”. LOL. I thought well sure you are, this is an A Muse class, etc. Oh wait. You are AN A MUSE ADDICT!!! From our little group. Our little group has 377 members in the last 12 days! We’re not so little anymore, I suppose.

I did some shopping this time while I was at Stamp Salado. I try really hard not to shop when I’m there. I just happened across this RETIRED A Muse stamp that I’ve been looking everywhere for the past 4 months. And here it was at the store I teach at. I literally screamed when I saw the stamp! OH YEAH!

I have two friends named Michelle… and both have been looking for something from this pile. So, Surprise Michelles… and then well, the “You Deserve Some Chocolate” and the “m” from the m&m’s are just for me. Those are by Mark of DeadBeat Designs. I’ve eyed those for a while now.

Maybe I’ll actually post some things that I’ve made lately. I do have a backlog of things to post!

AND SNEAK PEEKS start sometime soon…. I better get crackin’.

Happy Monday!

P.S. Did you know that there is STILL TIME to win PRIZES directly from A MUSE this week over on the amuseaddicts site? NEW PRODUCTS??? Hello?? What are you waiting for? Some of the challenges are just answering some questions….



One thought on “Only in TEXAS!

  1. Hi GeetaYou are a riot. Thanks for all you do for the A Muse addicts. I am def. one myself! Glad your classes went well last week. I taught three Elzybells.

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