I am a packrat.

First, let me start by not talking about that. LOL. I want the world to know that I am so sad. My 5 year old had to “do his own” valentines this year. It was his homework! WHAT? When did this happen? I thought it was my “motherly-craftyperson-don’t.have.any.girls” right to do his and his brother’s class goodies forever and ever?

Well, fine then. I do have to say I’m extremely proud of him. I did punch out some hearts for him because the Giga Scallop Heart is a little hard for him to push! But then he took 1 white heart (mega sized) and taped it to the red heart (giga sized), wrote the “to (friend’s name)” and “from (him)” on all 21 of them. Then he taped all of those to V-day pencils from the $1 spot at Target. He got them done early and took them to school last Thursday! I didn’t even get a picture!

So, back to the pack rat thing. Last September, I bought oodles and oodles of crayon boxes after school started and the back-t0-school sales hit. I ended up giving 22 boxes to the kindergarten class a couple of weeks ago. I was going to give them to them at Halloween… I forgot I had them. Then Christmas… oh wait, we found something else to give them… so I knew I’d give them at Valentine’s. Only problem is the class needed them earlier. Well, good thing I gave them out earlier because I wasn’t doing his valentine’s this year (who says I’m bitter?). Well, I still had some left for son #2. And I still get to do his valentines!. Now, son #2 is not 2 yet. His class consists of 8 kids, including him. I was just going to do something simple like punch some hearts out and stick it on top of these tiny play doh cans I seem to have an endless supply of (See definition of “packrat”). But then I remembered that I did the playdoh thing with these kids. Sheesh. Opened another drawer and there were the crayon boxes. Um, next to 30 little red pails. Those pails were for a class last year that I didn’t use them. Hmm, how can I make something cute, clever, FAST and for 2 year olds? Did I mention that it is for tomorrow? Yes, Wednesday.

Here’s what I ended up with.

All images by A Muse.
Ribbon from Michael’s and May Arts
Pails from Oriental Trading Company.

It’s probably good enough for 2 year-olds, right?

Did you see Linda’s blog? Something about sneak peeks coming soon…. 🙂



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