Behind on so many posts….

So, I’m way behind on posting stuff. My dear friends Rhonda and Jennie have nominated me for stuff and tag me and I haven’t kept up!

First, thing I’m behind on is Rhonda nominated me for the You Make My Day Award. I’m going to cheat and nominate AND tag some people (at the end of my post!)

Thank you so much Rhonda. That is super sweet of you! You make my day, too!

Next, Jennie, nominated this little ol’ blog of mine as E for Excellent. Jennie, that is so nice, coming from you, who has a great blog!

Finally, Rhonda tagged me again… but she promised this tag game wasn’t mean! So, I’ll give it a shot….

Stamping Style – Simple (and elegant, if need be)
Inspiration – JulieHRR… simple and elegant.
Color – Regals… Tanzanite, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, etc.
Work space – I have a stamp room that is currently being reorganized!
Perfect day – Sleep in (don’t all moms say this), play with kids, stamp the rest of the day, go have dinner and watch a movie with DH at the dinner/movie place we love
First job – Social Director at a Nursing Home
Wildest dream I’m already living it!
Family – DH, 2 boys, 2 papillons (dogs)
Beverage – Diet Coke, Starbucks MOCHA Frappucinos! (bottle kind!), and Mango Margaritas
Biggest challenge – can I say these tag games? oh no, ok… when i was a practicing engineer, being a woman in a industry full of men was more challenging then it should have been.

So, I’m supposed to tag some people to do this… of course, I’m late doing this (as usual)…. So, if you’ve done it already, skip it. If I didn’t list you, please feel free to play along anyway!



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