Baby Gift

I don’t think I’ve shown this yet (apologies if I have…. the mind…. ah…).

After having my first son, I realized that “time saving” gifts are the best for moms. If I don’t have time to make something, I like to give this to new moms, too. That definitely isn’t “cutesy or cozy” but the first time the new mom has to change the sheets in the middle of the night, she’ll thank me!

I “always” like to give thank you notes to an expectant mother, if I have time to make them. A friend of mine is expecting a baby girl here in a few short weeks (short to me… not so much to her… don’t you remember… pregnancy is about 4 weeks TOO LONG). Anyway, I missed her shower a few weeks back because I had an A Muse class that day or a kid birthday party or something! Geez, can’t even remember why I missed it!

So, the night before (are you surprised? Really?), I decided to make her 25 thank yous. I printed the baby’s name (named after both grandmas…how cool is that?) on the card stock and then I used my cuttlebug to emboss the baby feet. BABY FEET are my all time favorite baby image. I used my scallop scissors on the bottom to add a little girly to the card. I like the simplicity of this type of baby thank yous. Very elegant but still baby. I figure she’ll have a long time of doing the cutesy type of baby stuff but you don’t get to do “elegant” baby for very long after the baby is born! KWIM?

I ran out of the baby pink gingham midway through this project, which is so unusual for a hoarder like me! Thank goodness, my neighbor, Amy had some for me to borrow! THANKS Amy!

Anyway, Heather, I hope you liked them and I hope that you have a safe and uneventful delivery! Can’t wait to meet her!



3 thoughts on “Baby Gift

  1. Those are just beautiful! I love the cleanness and simplicity! I’m sure she loved them…thanks for sharing such a great gift with us! 😀

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