Party Central.

I spent my “morning off” (both boys at “school”) running around trying to find a WIGGLES cake! OH MY! When my oldest son was 2 (almost 4 years ago) and when my nephew turned 2 (almost 2 years ago), the Wiggles were SO in. Ah, not so much on March 5, 2008. I had the hardest time finding a place to make a cake (oh, well, I didn’t want to spend $50 on a cake by a professional bakery for a 2 year-olds birthday!) Anyway, I even thought I’d just buy the little decorations on top and then get a regular 1/4 sheet cake and put them on there. Uh no. Anyway, turns out Sam’s Club does the Wiggles still. AWESOME. Wait. I’m no longer a Sam’s member… you guessed it… Costco. FRICK! DOUBLE FRICK. So, in my moment of high blood pressure-ness as I was sitting in the SAM’S PARKING LOT today, contemplating running in and becoming a member all to get this blasted cake (which would have cost me more than the fancy schmancy bakery if I did get the membership!) and then speeding what-would-have-to-have-been-illegally to get to my son’s preschool on time, the RATIONALE side of my brain KICKED IN. Thank goodness. Geez, it amazes me how wrapped up one (ME!!!) can get in these things. It’s like “sorta-wanting” a stamping toy and then find out that it’s sold out at your favorite shopping place. THEN you spend HOURS and HOURS and pay more shipping JUST to get this thing that you weren’t even that gung-ho about to start with — but it was sold out, so it must be that good. I called my SIL and she saved the day… she is a member of Sam’s ….

Wow! Where did that rambling come from? Oh, right… party central. Two immediate family birthdays back-to-back. Who’s flippin’ idea was that? So. My DH is one of the 2 having a birthday. And well neither of us was up for a birthday party! In our eyes, when you have small children around, all we ever want to do is go chill out at a movie at our favorite movie/dinner place with our friends. So, that’s exactly what we’ll do. Spring Break is here next week and we’ll do some day trips and such to celebrate some more. Drag it out, I say. Celebrate until you can’t anymore. Isn’t that a good motto?

Okay, so last night I’m in my studio trying to make a few QUICK cards. That’s my *new* thing… I didn’t actually go in there until 11 and by 11:30 I made 3 different cards! WOHOO. Gotta love that. So, this card… it’s an invitation to our friends about the movie thing. It’s kinda late to send an invitation (but they already know about it!)… the “main” reason was that I need one for my scrapbooks! OF COURSE I DO! It’s a big birthday and we have to scrap it (well, someday “I” do).

I used my ticket corner punch to guess what? make tickets! HA! I colored the popcorn with my Copics and then added Lemon Spica to the popcorn to give them that “oily” đŸ™‚ look. I used my clear Sakura glaze pen on the bag itself to make it shiny. Add a couple of the NEW clear A Muse Twinkle Stickers and call it done!

More from party central tomorrow…



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