The gift.

My DH’s work built a new site and moved from the SE part of town to the SW part of town in the middle of January. We’re very fortunate about this. Now, his work is only 2 1/2 miles from home! So, he’s talked about riding his bike to work forever. And now he can do it.

Insert idea here!

Actually, I thought of getting him a new bike for Christmas but I couldn’t get the logistics worked out in my head. And since his birthday is in March (and he wouldn’t ride to work in Jan or Feb anyway!), I decided to wait until now.

Oh wait. Same logistics. Hmm. Here’s the dilemma… Buying a bike for my DH is not the same as buying one for a kid. The is a 99.99999% likelihood that I’d get the wrong one even if I got the right size, etc. So, then I should get a gift certificate, right? No. Gift Certificates lock him into a particular place and what if he doesn’t want that place. We’re talking lots of money for a new bike. And well since his money is my money (LOL), really there is “no” point to doing the “wrong thing”. So, craftyengineer, that I am… decided to enlist the boys and make him a bike!

Step 1: Find a suitable box. My dear friend, Michelle, gave us a large cardboard box.

Step 2: Open up the box and freehand a bicycle on it!

Step 3: Enlist some cheap labor to paint it!

Step 4: Voila!

DH thought it was funny and exactly what he wanted! Yippee!



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