Happy Easter everyone!

We had an eventful day yesterday. In the morning, I taught the Spring Bling A Muse class. Then in the afternoon, my family and SIL, BIL, niece and nephew walked across the street (yes, across the street!) to join in our annual neighborhood Easter Festivities. There is a petting zoo with chicks, ducks, bunnies, goats, pigs, and even a horse. The Easter Bunny made his annual appearance and apparently my 2 year old is EXTREMELY scared of the Easter Bunny. Extremely freaked out… so we would go somewhere else and the Easter Bunny followed us! GOOD GRIEF Mr. Easter Bunny… Ok, so he wasn’t following us but my 2 year-old sure thought he was. There was a balloon artist, 2 face painters (my oldest son got this cool dragon on his arm!), and a juggler (complete with flame batons!). The face painter asked my son if his dragon should have bubbles or fire coming out of his mouth. He said “FIRE, duh… (ok, he didn’t say “duh” (thank goodness!) but he inflected like that). Seriously what dragons do you know that have bubbles coming out of their mouths? Of course, there was the Egg Hunt, too! We use most of our ‘hood for this and break it down by age groups. Quite fun!

Happy Easter to all of you….



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