Good luck, Jennifer!

My friend, Jennifer, is a civil engineer. Today, she is taking the Professional Engineer Exam! It’s kinda similar to board exams that Doctors and Lawyers have to do – not really but kinda… When I graduated from college, I studied for a while to take the exam. You get a “license” and become a “professional engineer” (title) afterwards. Well, my degree is in Electrical Engineering and I wrote software for my “job”. Software engineers don’t really need licenses… in fact, one manager told me back then that I “didn’t want” to become a PE. Really? Why not? Well, his point was that once you are licensed, you are held accountable – i.e. can get sued more easily than without it if you mess up. Well, the nature of software is to have mess ups! LOL! So, I opted not to do that and don’t regret it for a moment. Jennifer, now she’s a civil engineer. Those engineers, typically, do get certified. ANYWAY, I sent Jennifer a card the other day… to wish her the best of luck on a hard exam.

Good luck Jennifer. I’m thinking about you today!



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