You’re invited to a Party Weekend!…

You are invited!!!

* To my new home here on typepad!
* To the 2nd VMAA tomorrow night (Saturday) at
* To "Sneak peeks" that start tomorrow!

Welcome to my new home over here on typepad. I hope that your journey here was seamless!

Why the new blog? It’s a really long story but the bottom line is I like it over here and I get to have the "craftyengineer" blog (not be the papercraftingengineer!)!

My dear friend and fellow A Muse chick, Michelle Clark, has moved over here too. We *had* to do this together you know ;).

So, please update your readers, subscriptions, whatever… there are all kinds of buttons to click to help you do this over on the sidebar here and on Michelle’s blog.Dsc_0906_small

We couldn’t launch our blogs without a card of some sort. Michelle was in charge… she picked the " party flags" stamp. HOW APPROPRIATE! And well the colors are purple and green… my fav and hers! 😉 I had many challenges using this image… One was that I recently used it on a class sample and I couldn’t get that design outta my head! But, as you may know, I seem to be fond of "window" cards, i.e. cut out a window in the front. And so that is what I did. Simple but different.

Leave us a comment here and on Michelle’s blog so we will know you made it on over!

Thanks so much for following us over here and be sure to stay tuned…. SNEAKS coming, VMAA #2 tomorrow night and lots of surprises! 🙂



11 thoughts on “You’re invited to a Party Weekend!…

  1. I found ya 🙂 Gonna get ready to play tonight. My hubby is away on a fishin’ trip so I can play and NOT feel guilty…well…I never really feel guilty…just…well…YOU KNOW!! LOL! It’s all good.

  2. Hey Geeta!
    So glad you made the switch to Typepad. I think you’ll like it here. There are a bunch of cool people already here. *wink*wink* Looking forward to tomorrow night! I love your window card. I need this stamp now.

  3. Congratulations on your new blog! I’m determined to set up a blog this week when my vry computer literate daughter comes home for a visit.

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