CASED by my 5 year-old.

How awesome is that?  (CASEd= copy and share everything …or in this case (HA! HA!), being copied!)

If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you probably remember me mentioning that my 5 year-old son (and well, even his 2 year-old brother) really don’t do crafts. Well, it’s sllllllooooowwwwwlllllyyyyy getting better.

I’ve had this to post for over a week now but with all the "new blog – VMAA – Sneak Peek" stuff going on around here, I didn’t get a chance. Oh, and I had to get permission from the artist!

When I was working on my cards for VMAA about 10 days ago or so, my son saw me making them. HeDsc_0894_small said to me (OUT OF THE BLUE!!!), "Mom, can I copy one of your cards?". I was a little confused since we’ve not done that before. Um, okay????. Sure. Why not?

So, he picked this card from Rhonda’s challenge…. probably because of the "You Rock" and the mp3 player… he’s all about music, that one. I was a bit surprised since it is PINK. But the "you rock" won him over.

Dsc_0924_small_2For his rendition, the ONLY think I did for him was punch the circles. The punches are a bit hard for his hands. The base layer of his card was a preformed card I had in my stash… just white. Then he used some of my scraps from my SU! folders. He has his own markers… and then he used my glue pad and glitter! Voila!

I’m so impressed and you wouldn’t even believe how proud I am.

I asked him if I could post this on my blog (about a week ago). And he’s asked me everyday since then if I had. So, if you have a moment and feel like making him smile, I’m sure he’d appreciate a comment or two. More like he’s gonna say to me "those are for me?"

Thanks every so much!


17 thoughts on “CASED by my 5 year-old.

  1. WOW – I have such a hard time making “boy cards” – love this this card & the color choices… you know I’m going to CASE it big time. Thanks!!!

  2. Excellent stamping! The images are crisp and clear and the colors – and coloring – are well chosen and exceuted. Who is is the lucky recipient for such a handsome card? You will make their day!

  3. Awesome card buddy! I love the green color you used for the MP3 player and the glitter just makes it even better! I may have to copy your card sometime. Thanks for sharing! :o)

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