She’s a smart lady…

My mom. She’s a smart one. No, this is not about Mother’s Day. This is just a "when I grow up, I wanna be like her". Why? Well, for this simple reason… Every January, she goes to a Hallmark store (Shocking, I know! but it’s her thing… so I go with that) and buys a card for EVERYONE on her list. She has 3 Dsc_1003_smallgrandchildren… she buys them all their Valentine’s Day, Easter, Birthday, Thanksgiving, etc. plus all of our relatives. So, then she’s set for the year. Well, I’m exactly the opposite. I can’t buy a card to save my life. I’m sure you know the feeling. And as a result, many people don’t get cards from me. Yes, it’s true… I’m a bad card giver. Well, it’s more about planning I think. I think I always will have time and then I don’t, which really is the whole point of this post.

I’m the room parent for both my boy’s classes. Um, and the rest of the world KNOWS it’s teacher appreciation week. But somehow, I got confused. So, both classes had luncheons for the teachers LAST week. And that I found out about the night before… So, my excuse is that I thought I *missed* it last week so I didn’t want to do something thisDsc_1004_small_2 week and be REALLY late. Um, then yesterday, I send an email to the parents in my son’s kinder class about the end-of-school gifts, etc. and one of the parents, who happens to be a 2nd grade teacher at the same school, emails me back and apologizes profusely for not helping with the class gifts for teacher appreciation week. UH OH. What gifts? Scramble, scramble, scramble. So, last night I pulled together a pack of notecards that I made a while ago and a little teabag card (she loves tea).


The Notecards are ones I embellished (embossed) from Target. I got them a long time ago and I embellished them during the A-Muse-A-Palooza contest last year. Can you believe that was almost a YEAR ago, already? WOW! How this year has flown by….

My son took the package into school today (I wrapped it up in a nice bag with a big bow! – that counts, right?) and she loved it. I saw her later today because the Kindergarten had Fun Field Day today. Um, in the afternoon — 12:30-2:30… um, it’s 95 here today. Ugh. We’re hot.  I *heart* my air-conditioner.

So, maybe I will try to be better at getting stuff to people on time. Of course, wait until I tell you about my mother’s Mother’s Day card. That’ll be in the next post. Sheesh.


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