Kindergarten Coaster Books

Here starts a new series. I seem to make A LOT of school gifts… for the kids, for the teachers, for the administration, whomever! So, I think I need a category called "School Gifts" so that I can find them all better. Sometimes I forget what I’ve done in the past and could use some inspiration. Why not use my own? For the next few days or so, I’ll try to post all the school gifts I’ve been working on. I hope you enjoy this series and maybe it will inspire you to make some gifts!

I can’t believe how fast school has flown by this year. Do you remember me just saying that I was crying that my oldest was going to kindergarten. And now, it’s almost over.

Michelle and I have been chatting about the end of school for awhile now. As you may know, she’s a kindergarten teacher in Georgia. So, it’s been a fun year for me, having her be on that side of theDsc_1051_small classroom and me be the room parent over here. She’s been incredibly helpful, insightful, and calming to a Fresh-Off-the-Boat Newbie Kindergarten Mom. 🙂 Thanks Michelle! So, one day we started talking about making some mini books. In fact, Michelle decided that the Step-it-Up challenge over on the A Muse Addicts should be about mini books this time around. She and I decided to make coaster books for our respective classes.

I finally got mine done. It was a process… and in it I learned something VERY valuable. I *HATE* Mod Podge. HATE IT. Throwing it all away. All of it. The process started with 66 4" square coasters and black sDsc_1052_small_4pray paint. I wanted them to look like c
halkboards. Oh, and I
cut them to 3.5×4 to get rid of the rounded edges so I wouldn’t have to worry about that with
ll of the pictures. Each child will get a book of 3 coasters each. I’m going to count them as 6 pages: Cover, inside cover (first of the year pictur 
e), page 3 – note from teacher, page 4 – end of the year picture, page 5 – class picture, and back cover. My son’s teacher was SO nice, she wrote a note for all the kids. I know she’s busy this time of year but she did it anyway and didn’t even grumble! Sorry for blurring out all the photos of the kids.  Anyway, in the end, I think they turned out great. IF (that’s a REALLY BIG IF) I ever do this type of thing again, I’m going to use Photo Spray Adhesive and Clear Acrylic SealDsc_1053_smaller instead of the Mod Podge. I ended up using that on all the class pictures and it worked great. I went back and sealed all of the "sticky" mod podge ones with the acrylic sealer and that seemed to stop the pages from sticking together. Sheesh. I’d love to hear your opinions of Mod Podge. I know there are other products out there. My problem is I don’t like messy. I’m a tape girl…not a glue girl. But the spray adhesive worked like a charm!

Thanks for stopping by. Check back in for another school gift idea tomorrow (I hope!).


5 thoughts on “Kindergarten Coaster Books

  1. I am awed by your creativity! How do you find time to do all that???? You must have super powers!!!

  2. Hey girl! CUTE CUTE CUTE little books!! Here is my 2 cents on stuff. After I research for 100’s of hours before making something – LOL – here is what I have done. When applying paper/pics to stuff like chipboard (wood clipboards) I use YES! Paste/Glue. I use a stiff stencil brush to apply it. It’s da-bomb!! You even have a little time to adjust your paper once you put it down. I have never sealed my mini albums. I did seal the clipboards. I used Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Matte Crystal Clear. Did about 4 coats (cause I wanted them REALLY sealed so teachers didn’t have to be gentle with them) and they turned out awesome! You can get YES! at Michaels. Check it out.

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