Not our teacher Teacher Gifts Preschool

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I wanted to make some gifts for some of the other people at the preschool… former teachers (4 of them), the director, and 2 other ladies on the staff. I usually make something for the Music teacher but this year there was a big campaign to get her a group gift, so I did that instead. Shocking, I know! Anyway, my older son went to this preschool for 3 years (since he was 2). His 2 year-old teachers are no longer there but his 3 and 4 year-old teachers are. And well, I really like them and I NEED them to stick around until my youngest gets to their classes! HA! One of the 3 year-old teachers is Scottish, with a thick accent, and has the best sense of humor… I told her this was bribery to get her to stay 2 more years… and she said <Insert accent here!> "Ah, well, note cards of course will make me stay!" Ok, so it was funnier in person and with the accent ;).

Being the INSANE AR (2nd word is retentive here, friends) person that I am, I timed myself from conception to packaging for this task. Why? Well, because not only am I AR… I’m a procrastinator, which most would think don’t go together. I have MASTERED their union! LOL! So, SUNDAY night… YES, SUNDAY as in the day before yesterday, as in the day before the LAST DAY of SCHOOL, I decided to make these 7 ladies something. It was 9:47pm. It took me 119 minutes…. yes, 1 minute shy of 2 hours! Think Simple, Think A Muse. Gotta love that.

Okay, so I made a little more detailed (and I’ll show this later) gifts for the auxiliary staff for my son’s kindergarten last week. And so I had the idea sorta in my head already. But nothing was cut nor did I know what stamps to use, colors to use, etc. I opted for simple and NOT personalized. Here’s why I didn’t personalize them… let me know what you think…

At preschool, all the teachers go by Ms. FIRST NAME. Ms. Jo Anne, Ms. Susie, etc. not Ms. Smith. So, it seemed ODD to put Ms. Susie on the note cards. I don’t go around calling myself Ms. Geeta. I do on occasion have to call myself by my last name… but usually it’s just "Geeta" but then I didn’t want just first name, because that’s not very complete for stationery. I dunno… For the elementary school, everyone is Ms. Last Name or Mr. Last Name so it works out better. That’s my theory at least.
So, I did seven different packages of 8 cards each. They are A2 size postcard style with matching envelopes!

LESS THAN 2 hours start to finish! Oh and I had vellum tags already punched out from a long time ago (TIME SAVER… punch a bunch of tags and put them in a ziploc bag… punch different colors; then you’ll be ready to go when you need one!). I made a family stamp a couple of years ago through Stampin’ Up! (those ones you can make with anything on them) and it has our family name and then all of our names. It comes in SO handy!

So, there you go… one more preschool gift idea coming up soon. Then on to more kindergarten ones! Are you enjoying these ideas?

Thanks for stopping by!

ETA: I received some emails asking more about these. There are 2 layers: white and colored cardstock. The white layer is 4 x 5.25 inches and the colored is 4.25 x 5.5 inches (4 to an 8.5×11 sheet). Each package has 8 notecards (i.e. 2 full sheets of white, 2 full sheets of colored CS all cut) and envelopes are included. Envelopes were stamped with image in the left bottom corner of the front of the envelope. Hope this helps!

My dear friend, fellow A Muse lover, Jennie Moczan made some of these that were really the inspiration for mine.


5 thoughts on “Not our teacher Teacher Gifts Preschool

  1. Re: Perfectionist procrastinator.
    You are obviously an intelligent person, but also very smart!! Someone who is a perfectionist (Nice way to say AR!) can spend FOREVER fine-tuning – you know, a job expands to fill the time to which is alloted! Great insight – thanks!

  2. Fantastic idea Geeta!!! My daughter is leaving her toddler class and moving up to the pre-school class next week. I’m totally CASEing this idea. THANKS!

  3. Did you color the edges of the white papers or did you buy packages that had the colored edges? Oh, I love the whole idea of these note cards! I think we need a tutorial on those. I am sure they are simple once explained …..

  4. Geeta, love those note cards!
    Are they single sheet with a mat? Do they have envelopes? Just asking in case I CASE!!

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