Seven Years Ago…

Seven years ago, the amazing Linda Carnell started A Muse Artstamps. Today is the actual day that she launched this fabulous company. Happy Anniversary, Linda!


I’m so very proud and honored to be part of this group. I would have never guessed that my passion for stamping had a family to call home.

In honor of today’s milestone, the A Muse Creative Team (check out everyone’s blogs – links on my sidebar!), are listing something to do with seven…

Seven things I’ve learned during my short time with A Muse:

  1. As Linda has said before, "do something creative everyday". I think Jenn Shurkus has that on her blog too. Some people do crossword puzzles, some read, some watch tv, me… I stamp or try to every night before I go to sleep. Some days, it doesn’t happen but I just walk into my studio and look around. It’s a calming, great feeling to be in there.
  2. To break out of the "have to put one more thing" on my creation mode. Lots of stuff on your card does not necessarily make it beautiful. Think Simple, Think A Muse.
  3. Techniques do not have to be hard. From my past experiences and teachings, I used to think that people wanted to know how to do the "in depth" techniques. Nah. That takes a lot of time, which most of us don’t have these days. There are clever and simple techniques out there!
  4. That it is possible to be part of a close-knit family that I’ve NEVER met in real life. Those gals are near and dear to my heart and yet, I have no idea how tall any of them are ;). I have made some great friendships with my fellow team members. And I do not doubt for a moment that anyone of them would be there for me in a pinch. How totally cool is that?
  5. How to express my opinions and ideas and actually be heard. This one is directed toward JulieHRR. When I started with A Muse last August, I was a bit intimidated to work with her. Come on, it’s THE Julie. You guys know what I’m talking about. But she’s been so helpful, honest, and overwhelmingly responsive to ideas, techniques, and just about anything. I thank my lucky stars that I’ve had the chance to work with her.
  6. Linda is the most amazing woman I know. Again, never met her in real life. But I just can’t believe how many things she does. She’s a wife, a mom, a daughter, a business owner, a teacher, a designer, a volunteer, a mom-taxi, a runner, a humanitarian, and I’m sure there are a 1000 more things on her list. She is still the one that picks up her girls from school. She takes them to after school stuff, etc. But you know what else? She RUNS A COMPANY. Yes, she has an AWESOME team to help her. But still. I admire all that she is. She always has plans for doing good things and I’m talking about long-term plans. I joked with her once… and said Linda, you’re amazing… do you know how to fly too? I think she’s secretly working on that…  🙂 I think she’s such a great role model for the young girls in our lives.
  7. Learned how to smile. I asked my DH for input for my 7th thing. And his first response was this. I said "really?" And then I thought about it some more. He’s absolutely right (shhh, don’t tell him I said so!). I have had so much fun this past year since I’ve found A Muse. Remember A*Muse*A*Palooza 2007? Oh my goodness… that was an adventure. AND from that, not only did I get on the A Muse Creative Team but I met the most FUN, good natured, sweet, happy A MUSE ADDICTS along the way. It’s so fun to belong to a group that loves something as much as I do. So, he’s right. I have learned to smile. And I smile often because of A Muse.

Happy SEVEN years to Linda and all of those gals that make it happen! What an accomplishment!


13 thoughts on “Seven Years Ago…

  1. Geeta – love your card and I just have to say that I am so happy that I have met you. Your number 7 says it all and the fact that your DH noticed it – what a lucky lady you are!

  2. SHUT UP!!! LOVE this design, Geeta–SEVEN BIRDIES!!!! CLEVER GIRL, YOU!!! And, I loved your post today–I got all bleary eyed and fuzzed because you conveyed so much of what I *feel* about being associated with A Muse and everyone of us who are a part of it. *smooches & hugs* Jules

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