Preschool Teacher Gifts

You thought I was done with this series, didn’t you? HA! Not even close. In fact, I still have more things to make!

My son’s preschool class pitched in to get the two preschool teachers some gift cards. But I couldn’t just give them that, now could I?

Every year that we’ve been at this preschool (first son and now second), I’ve made some sort of scrapbook for the teachers. I try to make something small and meaningful to them but not too much since you know if they’ve taught for 20 years, they’d have 20 scrapbooks of other people’s children! That seems like a lot!

Back my son #1 was first at preschool, I researched and researched (of course, I did!) what teachers like as gifts. I did my research on Splitcoast and I asked a lot of my teacher friends. Apples, mugs, anything with apples on it, and #1 Teacher items were LOWEST on their lists. Hmm, really? 🙂 But the one thing that resounded from all of my inquiries was for them to receive a note from the parents. That’s it. Just a note saying thank you or how much they were appreciated. So, ever since then, I focus on that as part of the gift.Dsc_1058_small

This year, the parents in my son’s preschool class were awesome. They were so supportive. I made some 3×3 cards with each child’s name on it and sent them home with the kids. Then I put them in this coaster book. I decided while making the kindergarten books to just paint some extra ones for the preschool teachers.

These coaster books are 4×4 and contain 18 coasters each. I used my Bind-it-All to bind it together. Each child has a 2 page spread. One side is their picture and the other is the note from the parent. There is also a class picture in the back. One page is dedicated to my very favorite poem for teachers.

In Your Heart

Although you are not their mother
You care for them each day.
You cuddle, sing and read to them
And watch them as they play.
You see each new accomplishment
You help them grow and learn.
You understand their language,
You listen with concern.
They come to you for comfort,
And you kiss away their tears.
They proudly show their work to you,
You give the loudest cheers!
No, you are not their mother,
But your role is just as strong.
You nurture them and keep them safe,
Though maybe not for long.
You know someday the time will come,
When you will have to part.
But you know each child you cared for,
is forever in your heart!
-Author Unknown.

Dsc_1059_small_3And the last page holds the gift card!Dsc_1061_small

The teachers loved them, I think. It was fun and easy to put together since I didn’t use mod podge on these!

Are you enjoying this series? I’m hoping that it helps you make some creative stuff for your school people!

Thanks for stopping by!


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