He’s going to be SIX!

Ack, he’s going to be SIX next week… my oldest, that is. Last year when he was in preschool, I had plenty of time after it ended to get his birthday party organized. This year, his birthday is actually the day after school ends. He thinks that the last day of school is going to be one big party for him. So, anyway, my journey with A Muse started March last year (March 2007)…. all because of Boris and my son’s Mad Science party. Anyway, last year I was ahead of the game. This year, just barely sliding in under the wire.

I believe in home parties. You know, my kids, if they had one friend over or even their cousins, they would be in heaven. So, we have a rule in our house…. however old you will be, that’s how many friends you can have at your party. So, six is the magic number this year. Well, my oldest, being the clever one that he is… realized this at age 3… that he has 2 cousins in the area (one year older and one year younger) – and he says, I don’t want to invite them. Lovely. He figured that they counted towards his limit. So, we adjusted the rule to be friends. Family is always included, I told him. So, anyway, my DH this year says let’s have the party somewhere besides our house. Really? Why? He said having 6+the birthday boy+ his brother+ 2 BOY cousins + family + all the parents … in our house… really isn’t going to be that fun. Huh. Maybe he has a point.
So, we belong to a gym… yes, the kind that you theoretically work out in… although they haven’t seen the likes of me in a few weeks (DOH!). The gym has 2 pools – 1 indoor and 1 outdoor. Both have slides and they do birthday parties there. PERFECT. The party has a time limit. It’s not at our house. And it’s a pool party… Perfect!

Now, the invitations…. I needed to get these out in a hurry! So, A Muse to the rescue! My son’s new favorite color is Green. His favorite color his entire life has been Red but he bumped that into 2nd place Dsc_1322_smallrecently. He wanted me to make green and red invites. Hmm…. I told him how those are Christmas colors. So, in the end, he got standard boy colors… green, blue, yellow… đŸ™‚

I used MS Publisher (set your paper size to 4.25 by 8.5) for the invitation deta
ils on the inside. Type it all out and then just feed the paper in your printer! I’ve omitted all the personal information and my fingers that were holding it open! LOL.

All images, paper, card stock by A Muse.
Memento Bahama Blue ink
Copics: Lemon Yellow, Tahitian Blue
Foam Tape
SU! Circle Punches

Done, mailed. Now on to the cake… no, I’m not going to make it!

I still have more school gifts to share with you… just finishing them up! Stay tuned.


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